Link’s Awakening: How to Unlock All Secret Marin Scenes

Let’s watch her pick up that Trendy Gamester!

It’s really hard not to fall in love with Marin, the dreamy villager girl who adorably aspires to become a touring singer outside of Koholint. Fortunately, Link – and your – connection with her will finally pay off in the Angler’s Tunnel quest. You get to take her on a real date across the island! Here’s how to unlock all secret Marin scenes as part of this one-time journey.

Important Note: These can only be unlocked if you are in the portion of the story where Marin follows you around.

How to Unlock Secret Marin Actions

These are the secret Marin actions you can unlock in Link’s Awakening. They are labeled “actions” because Marin is actually doing something here rather than just speaking to Link.

Play at the Trendy Games in Mabe VillageMarin will pick up the Gamester and ban her from the arcade
Agree to sing along with the ocarina in Animal Village (after walrus)Marin will begin a duet with you to cheer up the animals

How to Unlock Secret Marin Dialogue

These are the secret Marin dialogues you can unlock in Link’s Awakening. They are labeled “dialogue” because Marin is just speaking to Link, not actually doing anything.

Talk to any child in Mabe Village“Hey… Where’re you two going together? Hunh? Uh, I didn’t mean anything… I’m just a kid!”
Talk to a rabbit in Animal Village“Ahhh! It’s her! Little Marin!”
Talk to Chef Bear in Animal Village“HI HO! Little Marin! Welcome! Oh, shucks! You are here too… Sorry…”
Jump into the well in Mabe Village, Marin lands on Link“Whew! What a surprise! Ohh! I’m sorry! Are you OK?! Link?”
Pick up and throw a pot“Ahhh! Ahhh, you are a bad boy, Link!”
Search someone’s dresser“Link, do you always look in other people’s drawers?”
Dig with the shovel“Great! Dig it! Dig it! Dig to the center of the earth!”
Hit a chicken“No! No! Poor hen! Stop that!”
Keep hitting a chicken“Ha ha ha! Do it! Do it! Do it mooore! …Hunh? No, it’s nothing… I didn’t mean it.”
Play the ocarina“Not very good… Eh? What? Did I say something? No, you’re hearing things…”
Enter any dungeon“Eh? You want me to go in there? No, I think I’ll wait out here… Take care of yourself, Link!”
Exit any dungeon“Link! You’re back! Are you hurt?”
Exit any dungeon with few hearts“EEEK! You’re hurt! Arrrgh! Don’t be so reckless!”
Take Marin to the very bottom left corner of the map, the small peninsula of Toronbo Bay“This is my first walk with you, Link. … This cliff will be our secret place. Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Let me know in the comments if there are any secret Marin scenes I missed!

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