Are the Twili Returning in Breath of the Wild 2?

That arm.

Announcement trailers for Breath of the Wild 2 have packed in a huge – but subtle – easter egg referencing the Zelda classic Twilight Princess. The Twili may just be making their long-awaited return to the Zelda universe! Not only are they likely to reappear, but what seems to be a Twili arm also might be a sign for more to follow.

A World Beyond Hyrule

While BotW’s map is already incredibly extensive for the land of Hyrule, revisiting the kingdom in its sequel with only the addition of a Skyloft-like land would be basically replaying BotW and Skyward Sword. There probably wouldn’t be much more to explore, either, if you already scoured each corner of Hyrule in the first Breath of the Wild. This means some more regions almost necessarily have to be introduced in the sequel if the development team still intends for Hyrule to be the game’s main territory. This is where the Twilight Realm comes in.

The appearance of the suspected Twili arm suggests more than just a Twilight Princess reference, but the introduction of an entirely new realm Link may be able to travel to in BotW 2: the Twilight Realm. For starters, it’s a parallel world to Hyrule home to the Twili people and is only accessible (as we have seen so far in TP) through the Mirror of Twilight. Much smaller than Hyrule itself, it consists mostly of rocky islands suspended in the air. And seeing this dreamy land in BotW’s cel-shading animation technique would be absolutely epic.

But didn’t Midna break the Mirror of Twilight? That should mean that Link technically can’t go there anymore, right? But maybe the BotW 2 designers got creative and found a way for the Twilight Realm to be an explorable land for eager players – possibly with Link’s new ability to stuff himself through the ground. While Midna probably will not return (unless she’s a spirit now who somehow recognizes this Link), her home and species just might. The Twili also might be repaying Link for saving them by using their eerie new green manifestations to build him a new arm.

Does Ganondorf Appear Alongside the Twili?

If any of you recall (and it’s practically impossible not to), Ganondorf was the main antagonist of TP and was behind Zant, that big Twili troublemaker who ended up breaking his deal with the Great King of Evil in the end. Ganondorf is also (probably) in Breath of the Wild 2 and seems to be one of the main antagonists, being the one who caused Zelda’s doom and Link’s loss of his arm. He could be related to the possible appearance of the Twili. If he’s appearing, that increases the probability of the Twili’s inclusion as the green force trying to keep Ganon under control. The Twili arm is, after all, the same color and design of the other glowing limbs sprawling about Ganon’s Malice.

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