Every Similarity Between the Halo Series & the Halo Games

Don’t tell me you didn’t see the Needler..!

It’s virtually impossible for a Halo fan not to get a kick out of this show. With so many similarities that will immediately spark your memories of Halo’s best moments, the Halo series isn’t pulling strings from nowhere with its Needlers and shield sound effects – it’s just building on them in some super cool easter eggs.

7. Reach

Halo fans know Reach all too well as a recurring location in the campaigns of most of the games, and the series made the right choice to bring it back. It plays its proper function as one of Halo‘s main locations beside Madrigal and Eridanus as well as serving as the U.N.S.C.’s center of affairs. It even looks nearly identical to Reach in the games with its sunny landscape dotted with tall white buildings.

6. The Characters

While the Halo series does introduce tons of captivating new characters like Kwan Ha, and the rebellious Spartans of Silver Team, there were a few characters that stayed true to the game series. These would be Halsey, Cortana, and Master Chief, and the Brutes, Grunts, and Arbiters, of course. That feeling of recognition…

5. Grenades

Everyone caught that sticky grenade moment in Episode 7… right? Sticky grenades have officially made their big-screen comeback in the Halo series, and the finishing splatter of blue plasma solidifies it even further. It also is a great bit of instruction on how to use stickies, if you were still in the unknown on that.

4. Vehicles

No new vehicles need to be invented when the most classic of them all is already in existence. The Warthogs, Razorbacks, and even the purple Covenant transport ships can be seen across the episodes in various locations, especially paying homage to Halo Wars: Definitive Edition’s vehicles. Putting the best of the best in true-to-life size has never been more epic.

3. Weapons

Recreating the most famous weapons of the Halo games is one of the things that attracted lots of attention as the episodes went by. The Sidekick pistols, MA40 Air, S7 Snipers, Plasma Pistols, Needlers, and even the notorious Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer were all featured in the series at least once. While the Gravity Hammer didn’t exert its full power when finally used in the finale – it didn’t produce the same bangs as it does in the games – it was still exciting to see it in a TV show.

2. Shields & Their Sound Effects

Ever since the first episode of the show, the Spartans’ shields were put into play as well as their beeping sound effects when they’re running low. Since this mechanic is one that has been continually used throughout the games, it was fun to hear the ominous beep-beep-beep and see even a figure of great strength like Master Chief hide behind a rock, waiting for his shield to recharge.

1. Music

The familiar music is one of the most captivating and reminding parts of the Halo series. For instance, when Makee and John are first seen together on the Halo, the famous theme song plays in the background. (This was one of the most special musical moments, and if you didn’t catch it, I recommend rewatching that scene.) The drumming part of the theme is also included in the battle between the Covenant and Silver Squadron in the finale.

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