Here’s the Best BotW Divine Beast Sequence in All of Hyrule

Dungeons in a choosable order?!

We come to the long-debated question now: what is the best Divine Beast sequence in Breath of the Wild? With great flexibility comes great responsibility, and it’s really up to you to decide which dungeon you would like to complete first. All are physically reachable by Link, and he doesn’t need any special skills obtained through quest lines to complete them (aside from the paraglider, of course, which is given to you in completion of the Great Plateau). But, based on experience and logic, here is the sequence that I believe is the best and easiest – get ready for it.

1. Vah Medoh of Tabantha

It’s not necessarily put in first place because of its difficulty level, but because of the items acquired during the related quest line. First of all, the Snowquill Armor set that can be purchased in Rito Village will be necessary for traveling across the Gerudo Highlands, Lanayru Mountains, and Hebra Mountains. That’s at least 30% of Hyrule’s gigantic map; wow.

And the power obtained from the dungeon’s completion, Revali’s Gale, is extremely useful and has the fastest cooldown time out of all the Divine Beasts’ powers. It is activated by holding down the X button and will unleash an updraft that carries you high into the air. Not only does it provide an escape route from enemies you’re not interested in facing and give you an opportunity for slow-mo archery aiming, but it also will greatly assist you in solving puzzles in the other three Beasts. Also, it will help you reach Divine Beast Vah Ruta, for there is torrential rain in the area that prevents you from climbing up the surrounding cliffs. Using the power of the updrafts will lift you above the cliffs to avoid the pain of slipping, climbing, slipping…

2. Vah Ruta of Lanayru

Vah Ruta is one of BotW’s easiest Divine Beasts. The puzzles to reach its terminals are relatively simple and depend mostly on the Cryonis (ice) rune.

The power obtained after completion, Mipha’s Grace, is basically a recharging fairy: it automatically activates when Link dies, replenishing his life as well as giving him five temporary extra hearts. The only downsides are that (1) Mipha’s Grace only has 1 use time before recharging, unlike the other Champions’ Blessings that have 3, and (2) it takes 24 minutes aka 1 in-game day to recharge, making it the longest recharge time out of them all.

3. Vah Rudania of Death Mountain

Okay, Death Mountain’s name might spook you a little, but it’s really just a huge volcano that doesn’t spew anything at your face. And Vah Rudania isn’t intimidating, either. With the help of Revali’s Gale, you can get a bird’s eye view of many of the fire-related puzzles, and the boss doesn’t require much talent to defeat, either. Once you complete it, you will receive Daruk’s Protection, a shielding ability that parries for you and protects you from all damage. A hit to the shield will cause it to disappear, though, but luckily there are three available uses before the cooldown.

4. Vah Naboris of Gerudo Desert

Vah Naboris is considered by many to be the most difficult Divine Beast. Its cylindrical body has three sections that must be turned in specific directions to solve the Beast’s puzzles. But it’s nothing to fear: using Revali’s Gale is one of the most effective ways to surpass these puzzles and reach locations you couldn’t simply by climbing (Divine Beast surfaces cannot be climbed, just like shrines).

Also, there’s no hurry to obtain Urbosa’s Fury, the completion reward; while it is a powerful attack technique, it really is just brute force and will likely end up being your least-used Champion ability. It should be saved for sub-bosses, Calamity Ganon, and unusually large groups of field enemies (Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos) as the last reserve, if you cannot defeat them without its help.

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