Everything Ride-able in Breath of the Wild

Horsey, horsey…

It’s always nice to give our poor Link a break from walking on foot across the gigantic Hyrule, and that’s why there are horses and vehicles to facilitate his long journey. From Epona to the Master Cycle Zero, here’s everything you can ride in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Note: Horses, even if they haven’t been registered at stables, will wait for you to mount them if you temporarily leave them. They can also die if they take too many weapon hits (either from you or enemies). And second note: You cannot ride Guardians, and the whole Ancient Guardian Key hype was just a prank.

11. Spotted Horse

The spotted horse is one of the most common types of horses in Hyrule. It’s a good start for those new to the sensitive skill of animal-mounting, for spotties are easier to tame and steer. The only downside is that the spotted horses have the lowest amount of stamina spurs out of all types of horses. However, if you have the DLC and have the Ancient Bridle and Saddle equipped, you can add two extra spurs to boost your horse’s endurance, or you can feed them Endura Carrots to give them temporary extra stamina regardless of if you have the DLC or not.

10. Solid-Color Horses

Solid-color horses are harder to tame than spotted horses, along with being harder to control. And if you disturb their resting time, they’ll run and refuse to stop running unlike their spotted counterparts. This is fairly balanced out with its extra stamina and strength, letting it gallop faster. The ancient horse set and Endura Carrots will only further boost this pro.

9. Descendant of Zelda’s Stallion

This horse can only be found in one location in all of Hyrule: the ruins at Safula Hill, understandably in the location where Link can retrieve a memory in which Zelda rides one of its ancestors. The descendant of Zelda’s stallion is a wild, solid-color horse, having all five possible stamina spurs, and will respawn in its original location if it dies. Make sure to register it at the nearby Outskirt Stable to ensure you won’t lose this one-of-a-kind beauty. You can even speak to Toffa, the man in front of the stable, to receive the Royal Saddle and Bridle. They don’t have any special effects, but don’t they make Zelda’s stallion look so much more…er, royal?

8. Giant Horse

The Giant Horse can only be found in one location: the Taobab Grassland in the Gerudo region and right below the Great Plateau – and it’s not called giant for no reason. Link looks like a real miniature elf while riding it! It is also called Ganondorf’s Horse due to its Ganondorf-resembling colors and the fact that it is found in the villain’s home region. It is notable for being the only horse without any stamina spurs, resulting in its being slower than other horses.

To catch the enormous steed, first prevent it from moving by shooting it with a Shock Arrow or Ice Arrow, freezing it temporarily in time (Stasis doesn’t work on horses), then walk up to it and press A to mount it as soon as it unfreezes. Keep pushing L until you hear a sparkling sound and the horse stops jumping. Keep in mind that you need two full wheels of stamina to tame it.

7. Lynel

Believe it or not, you can actually mount the terrifying Lynels – until they can’t stand you sitting on them anymore. Lynels are not tameable like horses, nor can they be used as a means of travel, but you can sit on them and unleash powerful two-handed weapons on them while you have the privilege of riding proudly on their backs.

All you have to do is stun them by either using Urbosa’s Fury or aiming a bomb arrow straight at its face. You can do this by casting Stasis on the Lynel first, or activating bullet-time by pulling out your bow in midair. Once they fall weakly onto the ground, press A to mount them (like horses and other animals) – this is your only chance to do so – and hammer on the attack button as many times as you can before they throw you off in annoyance.

6. Master Cycle Zero (DLC Only)

The Master Cycle Zero is basically a permanent horse: it never dies, it has unlimited stamina, and all it needs to get going is some cheap materials (any monster parts will fill up a substantial amount) as fuel. All you have to do to summon is open your Sheikah Slate and choose the corresponding rune. You can only receive the gift of the motorcycle, however, with either the Master Trials or Champions’ Ballad DLC pack. Finishing Monk Maz Koshia’s very own Divine Beast and beating Koshia himself will reward you with the ancient vehicle.

5. Stalhorse

The Stalhorse is a rare find: only ridden by Stal enemies at night, it can be found mainly in the North Tabantha Snowfield (northwest of Rito Village) and around Satori Mountain. It can be mounted with the A button like all other horses but has just a few catches. It falls into a dead pile of bones and disappears at sunrise, it cannot be registered at stables, and it spooks NPCs out like crazy.

It’s also surprisingly simple to get your hands on one: simply cast Stasis on a Stalhorse’s rider or shoot him with an arrow (normal ones will do fine), and the skeletal creature will be running around ready for you to become its next owner. Also, make sure to snap a picture of it with the Camera rune and set it as your sensing target via the Hyrule Compendium. This way the Sheikah Sensor will notify you when one is near.

4. Deer

Oh deer! Yes, horses aren’t the only things you can ride in Breath of the Wild: wild deer are also an eccentric yet fascinating means of transportation. They can be mounted in the same way as horses: sneak up to them or paraglide from a high place to land on them, and press A to mount. Sadly, you cannot register deer, they are slow due to their lack of stamina spurs, and they leave you the moment you dismount them, making them rideable companions purely for the fun of it.

3. Bear

Like deer, bears don’t have stamina spurs, cannot be registered, and won’t stick around for you, but who doesn’t want to mount one of these cuddly fellows? Bears can be found in the Hickaly Woods and Crenel Peak. Their wild animal traits don’t make them the most optimal riding companions, though.

2. Epona

Epona is back! Link’s trusty steed from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time can be brought into the world of Breath of the Wild via the Super Smash Bros. series Link amiibo figurine. Completing the Great Plateau questline will make amiibo scanning available, so you can successfully hold the base of the Link amiibo over the right control stick and summon Epona. However, it is not guaranteed you will have the privilege of bringing Epona to life by the first scan of the figure; if Epona doesn’t appear the first time, wait until the next day (amiibos can only be scanned once a day) and try again until you see her. Once you are able to summon her, make sure to register her at a stable as soon as possible so as not to lose her.

1. Lord of the Mountain

The Lord of the Mountain is a truly magical and haunting creature that can only be found atop Satori Mountain. It’s known to be a tribute to the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, and its presence is a truly remarkable thing: a tall aurora borealis-like blue light shines from Satori Mountain’s peak to let you know that the horse has spawned. It is also the only horse in BotW with unlimited stamina spurs that recharge immediately after use. Just be careful not to leave it dismounted and waiting for too long: if you do, it will disappear into thin air, and you have to wait for the light to appear again. I recommend activating the Mogg Latan Shrine on Satori Mountain; this way, you can fast-travel there at the first sight of the blue beacon.

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