7 Ultimately Funniest Things in Breath of the Wild


Breath of the Wild is not as serious as you would think it is. From Link’s selfie poses (don’t tell me you don’t know about those!) to Zelda’s seventeenth birthday surprise, BotW has all the comedy details a Zelda fan needs. Here are the 7 ultimately funniest things I’ve noticed so far – let me know in the comments section below if I missed anything!

7. Revali

While I do have to admit that he does have a bit of an inflated ego, his boasts, facial expressions, and tone have a strong air of humor about them. His proud comments to Zelda and others are also surprisingly funny, such as, “Well, I’ll be plucked,” “To slay the beast once and for all, it will be my great pleasure,” and “However!”. I don’t know if he ever recognizes himself as a comedian, but he certainly is.

6. A Naked Link

Have you ever seen the hero of Hyrule naked before, or, as Hestu likes to say it, nekkid? Tell me if there is any other Zelda game where Link can basically wear underpants around the huge land of Hyrule, because I would like to know if there is. Letting Link have his freedom of fashion is only the beginning of the open-world and progression path freedom that exists in Breath of the Wild – not to mention his adorable cold temperature reaction when he starts shivering like crazy.

5. The NPCs’ Reactions

The NPCs’ (non-playable characters) reactions are hilarious if you test them out. Link’s bare body is one of the many things that can spark their interest: many people at stables and towns as well as Hestu the giant musical Korok respond differently to Link when he is naked, as well as posing in shock. You should really visit Hestu in the Korok Forest to see the best reaction of all. He will sing a song about Link’s being “nekkid” and dance around literally chanting, “Nakey, nokky, nekky..” Another thing that attracts NPCs’ attention is what clothes Link is wearing. For instance, the Phantom Ganon set will make people cower in fear when you approach them.

4. Link’s Selfie Poses

So, apparently, selfies are also popular among Hylians. Link has some awesome selfie poses built into the Sheikah Slate’s camera rune that you simply must make use of. After activating camera mode, tilt the left joystick around, and you’ll see Link smiling for a picture: try this in front of the funniest moments in Hyrule, and you’ll save a treasured memory in your album that will never be forgotten. Say cheese, Link! (Oh, that’s right… he can’t talk.)

3. Bokoblins

The funniest thing about Bokoblins is how they pretend to be powerful, intimidating monsters toward Link and the NPCs. But have they seen themselves jump and scream as they swing their weapons around? Have they figured out how they look when Moblins pick them up as weapons? Even from the very beginning of the game, Bokoblins of every color are absentmindedly making all players laugh.

2. Ice Sculptures

You probably never saw Link as a sculptor. Well, he technically isn’t, but he can freeze both wild animals and field enemies (Yiga Footsoldiers, Moblins, Bokoblins, Lizalfos) in beautiful coatings of ice. Just pull out a frost weapon – Frostspears, Great Frostblades, normal Frostblades, and Ice/Blizzard Rods all work – and swing it at an animal or enemy of choice. It also keeps your enemies motionless much longer than the Stasis rune: as well as making for some hilarious ice sculptures, it can literally freeze enemies and animals on the run to assist you in battle. Tip: Catch enemies in about-to-attack positions or jumping, and even take a selfie in front of them after they’re encased in ice. Don’t I wish that was a loading screen tip.

1. Zelda’s Birthday Surprise

Was it a coincidence… OR an intended joke? If you watched all of the Captured Memories, you would’ve seen Memory #10, the one where Zelda and Link ride their horses to Sanidin Park. Zelda tells Link that she plans to journey to Mount Lanayru the next day since visitors must be at least seventeen to go there, and tomorrow is Zelda’s seventeenth birthday. And guess what: Calamity Ganon emerged right after Zelda came down from the mountain on her birthday! Happy birthday, Zelda, all of the Champions and your dad just died, and now you have to seal Ganon’s power away for 100 years. Yes, Ganon really waited 10,000 years just to wish the seventeen-year-old princess a not-so-happy birthday.

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