How To Get the Thunder Helm

Forget about lightning in a snap!

You can forget about thunderstorms and metal weapons with this precious piece of armor: the Thunder Helm. Unlike other armor in BOTW, the helm cannot be bought, but it is rather earned through a one-of-a-kind Gerudo side quest. Here’s a complete walkthrough on how to obtain the Thunder Helm, cheat-free.

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Initiating the Quest

You can only get the Thunder Helm after Vah Naboris’s completion. Examine the golden helmet by Riju’s throne in Gerudo Town. Riju will ask you if you want her to lend it to you. Choose “Yes! Lend it to me!”, and Riju will begin the quest. To obtain the Thunder Helm, you must help the Gerudo people by completing four of their side quests and reporting back to Riju afterward.

Tools of the Trade (10 Pieces of Flint)

Speak to Isha, a Gerudo woman worrying in the center of Gerudo Town. She will ask you for 10 pieces of flint. If you already have the necessary amount in your inventory, hand them over to her. If you don’t, you can collect flint from ore deposits scattered across Hyrule, particularly the richer ones in the Eldin region (equip at least 2 pieces of Flamebreaker armor before going there). Once you have the 10 pieces of flint, return to Isha and give them to her.

In gratitude, she will offer three choices of free Level 1 elemental resistance jewelry from her new shop to you:

  • Sapphire Circlet (heat resistance, for the desert)
  • Topaz Earrings (shock resistance, for light electric attacks)
  • Ruby Circlet (cold resistance, for snowy places and high elevations)

This is the only opportunity to receive free jewelry from Isha. In the future, she will sell her Sapphire Circlet for 800 rupees, and the Topaz Earrings and Ruby Circlet for 500 each.

Medicinal Molduga (1 Molduga Guts)

Speak to Malena, a Gerudo woman either found talking to a guard right outside Riju’s palace or in the training grounds to the right of the palace. She needs 1 Molduga Guts. This can only be obtained after defeating a Molduga found in the Gerudo Desert.

Moldugas can be found in Toruma Dunes, Southern Oasis, North Dragon’s Exile, and Arbiter’s Grounds. They are initially hidden in the sand, but will start moving when you approach them. Drop a bomb on the sand and the Molduga will emerge. While the Molduga is in the air, use Stasis + (can be upgraded at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab) to freeze it in time, then shoot at least one Bomb Arrow at it with your most powerful bow.

When it unfreezes, it will lay stunned on the ground. Use your most powerful two-handed weapon to perform a charge attack with Urbosa’s Fury; this will do a huge amount of damage. Repeat until the Molduga is defeated. Pick up its guts along with its other drops before returning to Malena at Gerudo Town. This finishes the quest as well as rewards you with 300 rupees.

In the training grounds to the right of Riju’s palace, speak to a Gerudo guard named Liana. You can identify her by her speech bubble with a red exclamation mark. She will give you a hint to where a missing guard, Barta, left for: the leviathan bones of Gerudo Desert. This is the Gerudo Great Skeleton, recognizable on the map for its skeletal shape. It’s the same place where a Great Fairy Fountain and the Hawa Koth Shrine are located.

Before you leave for the skeleton, make sure to stop by the fruit stand in Gerudo Town to buy one Hearty Durian, if you don’t already have one in your inventory. You can find Barta kneeling in front of the leviathan skeleton’s head. Give her the Hearty Durian, and she will be on her way back to Gerudo Town. Finally, report back to Liana in the same place you first saw her, to finish the quest and receive 100 rupees.

The Mystery Polluter (10 Wildberries)

Speak to Dalia, a young crying Gerudo girl, in the very northernmost corner of Gerudo Town. She will ask you to find out who has been polluting the water she uses to sustain her garden. The “mystery polluter” is Calyban, a short-haired Gerudo woman eating melons atop Gerudo Town and throwing the rinds into the public water supply.

The only way to stop her is to give Calyban 10 wildberries. If you already have these in your inventory, give them to her and return to Dalia after the cutscene. If you don’t, wildberries can be found at stables and growing in the snowy Gerudo Highlands. For a more specific location, they grow in the area north of Gerudo Tower and just west of Sapphia’s Table. Once you have harvested 10 of them, return back to Calyban and give them to her. Finally, speak to Dalia (the young girl) one more time to finish the final quest and reward you with a heat-resistant hydromelon.

Getting the Thunder Helm

Now that you have finished all four quests, talk to Riju in her palace to get the Thunder Helm at last. You can now be fully protected against all lightning strikes in thunderstorms when wearing this, regardless of your metal equipment.

And fortunately, she doesn’t demand you to give her precious golden heirloom back to her anytime in the rest of the game, despite her letting you “borrow” it. Thanks a lot, Riju!

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