Why Zelda Actually Cut Her Hair in BOTW 2

Talk about rocking that look.

Our wishes may just come true in Spring 2023. Princess Zelda is obviously trying to make a suspicious fashion statement with her Breath of the Wild 2 adventure clothes! The most notable aspect is obviously her new haircut, where she leaves her long, flowing locks behind for a more versatile style. While she might just want to show off she’s not the princessy type anymore, she might be saying something completely different that everyone is dying to hear.

Is Zelda a Playable Character?

A huge problem with BOTW “playable Zelda” mods was her long hair. In battle and general movement, the long hair would hinder her movement. The physics was never just right for Zelda and her tresses to appear realistic. The logical solution to this problem, if Nintendo truly desired for the princess to step into a playable canon world, would be to cut her hair – which is exactly what happens in BOTW 2.

Though Zelda falls into a bottomless pit in the BOTW 2 trailer, it could be possible that players choose who they want to play as, Link or Zelda, and the opposite one falls into the pit. There really aren’t many other likely reasons why Zelda would suddenly sport a new haircut in BOTW’s sequel. Other than a reasonable decision to shake up the stereotypical long-haired appearance of a beautiful princess, there has to be a gameplay-related decision, right?

Zelda Could Be Link’s Equal

If Zelda isn’t a playable character in BOTW 2, there is still another possibility between playable and 100% NPC. She could be Link’s equal like her Spirit Tracks counterpart. Wearing a cape identical to Link’s BOTW one and her blue outfit matching Link’s Champion’s Tunic could signify she now fights alongside Link. Like Spirit Tracks, it’s possible for Zelda to be Link’s AI companion who both gives him advice and assists Link on his missions.

Another possibility is that both of them could be playable, and players would have to choose which of the two they want to play as in battle. Their character profiles would be visible on the screen’s left edge like in Age of Calamity. If this is the case, it would mark a first in the entire Zelda canonical series: Zelda and Link fighting alongside each other, both being playable.

Zelda Has Matured from the First BOTW

For years, and for most of the Zelda games, Princess Zelda has played the role of the gentle, regal Princess of Hyrule who needs Link to save her more often than not. But wearing her adventure outfit along with a Hylian Hood and her short haircut signifies something completely different – it ushers in a new era. An era where Zelda neither has to nor wants to play this role anymore. She is now a fighter alongside Link, actively working to stop every new incarnation of Ganon. After all, King Rhoam is no longer there to order her around in her royal duties, many of the Hylian people are gone, and she doesn’t have to train the Champions anymore.

While it is unclear what powers Zelda would have in BOTW 2, as her legendary sealing power has dwindled from holding Ganon back for 100 years, she could still be a valuable asset to Link’s team. She could wield the powers of the Sheikah Slate like in Age of Calamity or even use ordinary swords, bows, and shields just as Link does. Whichever way ends up in BOTW 2’s final cut, we are nevertheless happy to see a different version of Zelda who surpasses the limitations of your everyday princess – and perhaps even becomes the playable one we’ve been waiting for.

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