10 Hardest Shrines in Breath of the Wild

More motion controls?!

Mini-dungeons or not, Breath of the Wild has some seriously difficult shrines. Like, you know, bringing back motion controls to dump orbs into holes. And confronting an angry flower lady who attacks you if you step on her flowers. Here are the 10 hardest shrines in the entire game – let me know in the comments which one(s) you got downright annoyed with!

10. Hila Rao (Watch Out for the Flowers) / Drifting

I understand you’re really protective of your garden, Magda, but attacking someone for stepping on them? That’s a different situation. And why put your garden right outside of a shrine when people are obviously going to try to visit it? Fortunately, you can avoid this frustrating quest if you create an updraft and glide your way to the shrine’s entrance, above all of Magda’s beautiful little flowers. And no, that’s not all. Inside the shrine, try not to die from falling off a waterfall into a bottomless pit… so, yeah.

9. Joloo Nah (Test of Will) / Joloo Nah Apparatus

The shrine quest already starts out terrible. Link has to stand on two burning platforms of flaming volcanic rock for two minutes, while these three dumb Gorons just stand there and watch. Really, guys? And, worst of all, Nintendo shows no mercy even after you’ve survived this test of will. Inside the shrine, you’ll be stuck turning your controller round and round in an extremely difficult elemental challenge. Nah, Joloo Nah, just keep the Spirit Orb. (Pun intended.)

8. Myahm Agana / Myahm Agana Apparatus

So, these shrine monks and motion controls. Even at the very beginning of BOTW’s storyline, you’re already tasked with a recurring shrine theme: rolling objects into holes. It’s like these monks love golf or something. The first puzzle may be simply creating a straight bridge pathway, but don’t be fooled: a full-on maze is coming. You know the shrine is bad if you have to turn the whole puzzle upside down just to get over with it.

7. Rona Kachta (A Gift from the Monks) / Rona Kachta’s Blessing

Don’t be fooled by the “blessing” title: this shrine quest is everything but a blessing. The goal is to reach the final, 120th shrine at the end of the Forgotten Temple. Outside, the place may look super cool and ancient, but you’ll realize how much more ancient it is with about twenty Guardians sitting there waiting for you. Trust me, you’ll be horrified when you see twenty lasers all targeting you at once. And all this security is just for… some battered green clothes?! This just got a lot more upsetting.

6. Daag Chokah (The Lost Pilgrimage) / Daag Chokah’s Blessing

This shrine quest makes you feel like you’re some kind of secret agent, and the guy you’re trailing is… a Korok. Yes, Koroks are cute, but this guy is outright annoying. He wants to walk all the way to the Daag Chokah Shrine all by himself, and your job is to “watch over him” and save him from all the dangers that the Lost Woods pose. Get spotted and, you’ll love this, you have to start all over again. Yahaha, this pilgrimage is a complete waste of time!

5. Kah Okeo / Wind Guide

The Kah Okeo shrine doesn’t have a crazy Flowerblight Ganon outside of it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult. Basically, you have to steer a floating platform held up with balloons around deadly metal spikes. Sounds difficult now? Touching any of your protruding obstacles will cue the “aah” as Link falls into the void. The Breath of the Wild physics engine can be really impressive at times, but there are still the other times when you think, “Maybe, it’s a little too realistic?”

4. Keo Ruug / Fateful Stars

Congratulations, Keo Ruug Shrine – you’ve successfully become one of the many “I did it and looked everything up on the Internet” shrines. The puzzle in this shrine involves looking at the constellation model on the wall and making the orb positions match it. And honestly, this sounds a lot easier than it is. The holes in the ground make a huge puzzle nowhere close to the model’s size, and you have to see it from a different perspective to do what this bonkers monk wants you to do… all for one Spirit Orb.

3. Akh Va’quot / Windmills

What is it with these wind shrines? The Akh Va’quot Shrine is particularly excellent at frustrating you. Once you reach the main room of this shrine, you’ll immediately be faced with about a gazillion little windmills scattered across the room. And guess what! You have to make all of them spin. This means you’ll be running around the huge space endlessly whacking crystals to spin the mills around in every direction. Got it so far?

2. Mirro Shaz Shrine / Tempered Power

AKA Trial of Patience. I mean it: these monks love watching Link drive balls into holes, and Mirro Shaz is the perfect representation of that. Link’s job is to whack a ball enough times for it to reach a faraway goal. I promise you I broke at least three Iron Sledgehammers on this one puzzle, all to end up quitting the last treasure chest’s challenge. 100 sledgehammers later, you’ll be screaming at the shrine for ruining you in another golf puzzle.

1. Rohta Chigah (The Champions’ Ballad) / Stop to Start

Thank goodness this shrine is only in the DLC. But unfortunately, if you are embarking on the Champions’ Ballad questline, you will have to beat the beginning trials with only a quarter of a heart. Yes, you heard that right: one-quarter of a heart. And included in these trials is the Rohta Chigah Shrine, which only makes this 100 times worse, at the least. Spikes cover the first room’s ground, which will kill you in one hit if you even touch them, and you have to make your way across on metal blocks. Then, you’ll have to walk across a treadmill with even more spikes on the walls, before having swinging spiked metal balls flying at your face.

Oh, and wait, it gets better! The final section of the shrine features giant spiked blocks falling down at lightning speed. Your job: make your way across without them tapping you even once. If you die, you’ll have to restart the entire shrine and avoid every single spike all over again. This monk is insane – he must be obsessed with spikes or something! (Or he just wants to see you suffer.)

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