Why [SPOILER] May Return in Loki’s Finale

Sylvie and C-20 in Loki's second episode. (Credit: Marvel Studios, Disney+, Screen Rant)

Remember Hunter C-20? That young TVA agent who was enchanted by Sylvie? Yep, she might actually be coming back in Loki‘s finale even though she was never really that much of a main character.

Sasha Lane, the actress who played C-20, is credited on IMDb for four episodes in Loki, but wait! She’s only been featured in Episodes 2, 3, and 4 so far, with the fourth one not listed. Since she was excluded from the eventful Episode 5 to keep the focus on the new Loki variants and Mobius’s comeback in the Void, the only episode left is the finale – and it’s the only one remaining for C-20 to return in. 

Hunter C-20 found out the truth about the TVA after being enchanted by Sylvie, similarly to how Hunter B-15 also realized that she had a life before the TVA after the Variant used body possession on her, and started to use Renslayer’s TemPad to record herself saying the reality of what the TVA actually is and does. However, the villainous Ravonna Renslayer caught the minuteman attempting to tell everyone that the Timekeepers aren’t really the supreme beings and the ultimate time supervisors, and pruned C-20; this video was still saved on Renslayer’s TemPad which Mobius watched later in Episode 4 after stealing it from the judge’s office. His desperate curiosity to discover the true reason why C-20 died so suddenly subsequent to being brought into the TVA and why Ravonna prevented him from interrogating Sylvie led him to search for this top-secret recording.

Anybody “pruned” or reset by the TVA’s Time Sticks would be sent to the Void at the end of time as merely trash, including C-20: before she could disclose any more information, Renslayer used her weapon to prune the girl, sending her to the exact place where variants and even unwanted TVA lunch trays are discarded. 

This means that C-20 has to be somewhere in the Void – unless she was destroyed by Alioth – and could have seen Loki and Sylvie traveling across the wastelands to get to the time monster, preparing for her reuniting with the same female variant who enchanted her. There must have been something special about C-20 that Sylvie wanted! If Sylvie had wanted to only get information about the Timekeepers’ location, then she would have picked any random minuteman from the squad that came to arrest her rather than specifically C-20. The finale is a great place for the hunter to reappear, given that the circumstances look like she’s a more important character than it currently seems, even if she only shows up in a cameo moment (or better yet, a few scenes) to help Loki and Sylvie on their journey into mystery.

Why C-20 Deserves More Screen Time

The minutemen of the TVA are shown as simply the soldiers of a seemingly all-powerful organization that runs and stabilizes the “Sacred Timeline,” with none of them except for Hunter B-15 having their personalities centered on in-depth. This problem can be compared to Star Wars’s clone troopers: fortunately, many of them have had storylines in Clone Wars focused on them and their valuable traits, and the defective squad named “the Bad Batch” has gotten their own 16-episode series.

C-20 and Sylvie drink margaritas together in Sylvie’s enchantment (Loki episode 3).

This is why a character with so much potential like C-20 deserves more screen time. She’s a great character played by an equally talented actress, working blindly for the TVA but heading straight to sharing the truth with others nearly immediately after she learned it from Sylvie’s enchantment. Plus, she’s a fun person to be around before she was brainwashed by the TVA, as she was a lively girl who simply loved drinking margaritas with her friends. Seeing her only briefly appearing in three episodes so far isn’t enough for us C-20 fans! (If any of you also think she’s a likable character…) 

C-20’s return in Loki‘s finale would be a nice addition to round up Season 1’s cast all for the finishing story. While saying goodbye to the series for at least a year is not going to be easy at all, bringing all of the show’s beloved characters back one last time (for now, until Season 2 arrives) is pretty satisfying to watch.

Sylvie possesses C-20 (Loki episode 2).

Directed by Kate Herron and written by Michael Waldron, Loki stars Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Judge Ravonna Renslayer, Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius M. Mobius, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Sasha Lane as Hunter C-20, and Tara Strong as Miss Minutes. Episodes 1-5 are now streaming on Disney+. New episodes release Wednesdays!

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