How to Build Tarrey Town

Tarrey Town is now ready.

Welcome to my Breath of the Wild Walkthrough collection! This is where you get the most specific directions out there, in Hyrule, in this world, wherever you are. From building towns to completing dungeons, this is the place to be!

Before You Go: To make it much easier to progress through this quest, I recommend first activating the following shrines before building Tarrey Town:

  • Myahm Agana by Hateno Village
  • Dah Hesho in the Akkala region
  • Daqo Chisay by Gerudo Town
  • Ne’ez Yohma in Zora’s Domain
  • Akh Va’quot in Rito Village
  • Shae Mo’sah by Goron City

Also, either have the Flamebreaker fireproof armor in your inventory or a Level 1 fireproof elixir. You can make one with a Fireproof Lizard and Bokoblin Guts.

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Initiating the Quest

Cross the wooden bridge behind Hateno Village and speak to Hudson, the man to the left of Bolson. Both of them are sitting in front of your house. Convince him to move. A cutscene will follow in which he gets up and heads to the Akkala region. A sidequest will then appear in your Quest Log, “From the Ground Up.”

Meeting Hudson

Warp to the Dah Hesho Shrine if you have already activated it, and you will see a small island with a rock bridge connecting to it. Glide down to the island. You will see that Hudson is now here trying to collect stone for Tarrey Town, his dream village he is in the process of building. He will ask you to give him 10 bundles of wood. You likely already have these in your inventory. If you don’t, use the Remote Bomb rune (cube and sphere bombs both work) to knock down trees, and then bomb the fallen trunks to collect wood, or chop them with an axe. Hand the wood over to Hudson and he will tell you to fetch two Gorons to help him move the rocks, but their names must end in -son according to his company’s silly rule.

Pelison and Greyson (Goron)

Head to the Southern Mine, a small Goron mining camp on the road up Death Mountain to Goron City, at night.

Greyson - Zelda Dungeon Wiki, a The Legend of Zelda wiki
Pelison - Zelda Dungeon Wiki, a The Legend of Zelda wiki

Look for two Gorons: a small one rolling around, Pelison, and a bigger, darker-colored one sitting on the ground, Greyson. Tell them about Tarrey Town. After the following cutscene, warp back to Tarrey Town. The Gorons have now opened a shop where you can buy rare jewels: a ruby, sapphire, diamond, and topaz. Speak to Hudson and he will ask you for 20 wood bundles this time. Give them to him and he will provide you with your next assignment: to find a Gerudo seamstress with a name also ending in -son.

Rhondson (Gerudo)

Hateno Sidequests - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough -  Neoseeker

Warp to the Daqo Chisay Shrine right outside of Gerudo Town’s walls and hitch a ride on a sand seal to Kara Kara Bazaar, which is northeast of the town and its shrine. Under a small shade is a woman named Rhondson, an aspiring tailor who wants to find love (you’ll see where this goes later). Tell her about Tarrey Town. Again, return to Tarrey Town and you’ll see Rhondson has opened a clothing shop selling the Level 3 heat resistance Desert Voe armor, which will greatly help you in your travels across the desert as Link won’t burn in the Gerudo heat.

Hudson will ask you for 30 bundles of wood (how much wood does he need?!), so give him what he wants and he will tell you to get a Rito merchant for him.

Fyson (Rito)

Fyson the cutie by A-zeldafan95 on DeviantArt

Warp to Akh Va’quot Shrine in Rito Village and head down the stairs to your left. Keep going down until you meet a turquoise-feathered Rito named Fyson relaxing on one of the village’s platforms. Talk to him about Tarrey Town and he will be on his way. Back at Tarrey Town, you can see Fyson has opened an arrow shop full of bomb, shock, ice, fire, and normal arrows, with an expensive ancient gear on the side, too. Hudson will then ask you to gather 50 wood bundles – a lot, I know – and once you have given these to him, he will announce to you that he’s going to marry Rhondson. (I told you, you would see where her whole thing about love was going!) Finding someone to officiate is your next task.

Kapson (Zora)

Zelda BotW Guide: From the Ground Up - Millenium

Warp to the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine under the king’s throne room in Zora’s Domain. Walk up the stairs to the area directly above the shrine and to the left of the throne room. There is a shade there as well as two pools of water that make this location distinguishable. Speak to the hunched red Zora, Kapson, and tell him that you need his help to officiate. He will then head to Tarrey Town.

Bolson and Karson (Hateno)

Hudson will request for you to go tell his friends back at Hateno, Bolson and Karson, to attend his wedding. Warp to the Myahm Agana shrine, cross the bridge to see the two men in their usual spot, and speak to Bolson. Once you’re back at Tarrey Town, you will watch Rhondson and Hudson’s sweet wedding in a cutscene. If you ever need to talk to them again, head behind Rhondson’s clothing display and see the two of them living happily ever after.

Tarrey Town: Complete!

You are officially done with the “From the Ground Up” sidequest! Congratulations, and especially a pat on the back for doing all of Hudson’s work for him. *Link sweating* Tarrey Town is now available for you to shop at, with Pelison and Greyson, Rhondson, and Fyson’s shops all open now. Kapson has also opened a free inn for you to sleep in.

There is a hidden merchant, though, that you didn’t hire. This is Grante, a man that can be found sitting on the top balcony of one of Tarrey Town’s houses. He sells useful gear for a high price, and the super-durable Hylian Shield aka Link’s traditional shield. It even automatically deflects Guardian lasers despite not sending them straight back at where they came from (they just bounce toward another direction). Armor sets like the climbing set (climbing speed increase), barbarian set (attack power increase), and rubber set (shock-proof) can all be purchased here, too.

NOW was this worth it? You’ll never have to collect this much wood ever again!

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