Top 5 Ways to Get Rich in BotW

Money, money, money!

You get it: rupees are money, and if you want to buy important gear, you need to pay for it (no stealing like in Link’s Awakening). But how can you effectively collect money as you’re embarking on an adventure to save the princess of Hyrule? It’s really not that hard: with some glitches and trades, you can become rich in no time.

5. Finish Side Quests

Rewards are not for the faint: finishing side quests can actually earn you large sums of rupees as tokens of gratitude from NPCs. Some side quests may even turn into minigames after finishing them the first time, giving you an opportunity to grow your wealth. However, most of them don’t, and they are a one-time source of rupees that will be quickly spent on gear and other items.

4. Open Treasure Chests

Treasure chests, especially the respawning ones, are great ways to collect rupees. Some are cleverly hidden in the ground, while others can be found at enemy base camps and in shrines. While shrine chests don’t respawn after opening, others do after Blood Moons. I advise you to mark locations with treasure chests containing rupees or valuable weapons.

3. Minigames

Hyrule’s fifteen minigames are a great way to collect rupees by the hundreds, but they do take a while to master and beat. As you progress through the levels of some minigames, you will realize that their challenges’ time limits will become shorter and shorter. You will have to try again or receive a lower reward if you don’t beat each stage. In short: The minigames include a lot of practice and retrying, so if you want to get rupees fast, this is not the best way to go.

2. Infinite Rupee Glitch

The infinite rupee glitch, or “Parcy glitch,” has become quite popular among today’s BotW players, and it involves someone outside of Link: a random lady named Parcy. All you have to do is overload the system, and Link will start looking funny on the menu screen – time to start the glitch! Parcy will basically infinitely give you random gems (ruby, topaz, sapphire, diamond), which you can sell to the traveling merchant Beedle or other shopkeepers in various towns. The only problem: It takes much too long (unless you have a turbo controller).

1. Sell Gemstones

Selling gemstones is the most effective way to get rich in BotW, and I say that with completely no remorse. Collecting gemstones is an easy task. All you have to do is mine the ore deposits scattered across Hyrule either with bombs or heavy weapons (iron sledgehammers, Lynel crushers, and Dragonbone Moblin clubs are best) and collect their gemstones. After you have done this, visit one of the towns – all of them have at least one shopkeeper to sell the gems to – or a nearby stable to sell to Beedle. Mark locations with better-than-usual gemstone deposits on the map with the designated gemstone symbol; the ore will respawn after a Blood Moon.

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