Which BotW Character Are You Based on Your Chinese Zodiac?

BOTW in the light of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Chinese zodiac is a popular myth of determining personality traits based on the year you were born in. And, since BotW can apply to nearly everything in the world, it can apply to the zodiac, too! Let’s find out which character you are based on your zodiac sign. Heads up, don’t be surprised if you’re not who you expected yourself to end up as.

Sheep – Mipha

Like the Sheep, Mipha is kind, shy, peace-loving, and mild-mannered. She is not a loud speaker but approaches others quietly and with love. She also, as a good leader, desires very much for her home to remain in peace. Gentle-hearted people can easily align with the tender Zora healer.

Horse – Link

It’s no surprise for Link’s zodiac sign to be his main animal companion during his adventure across Hyrule, the Horse. Horses are energetic, independent, and enjoy traveling just like Link. What else did you expect from the knight who scours every inch of Hyrule’s surface? And, if you don’t call him independent, just remember that no one accompanies him into dungeons or anywhere. It’s always Link going solo to explore a vast, dangerous land, forced to figure out survival for himself.

Ox – Zelda

Oxen are known for being hard-working and stubborn, and there’s no one who fits that better than the Princess of Hyrule herself. She’s as hard-working as it gets: she traveled to every Spring to try to awaken her sacred power, even on her seventeenth birthday, in the hope of defeating Ganon. Add that on top of recruiting all of the four Champions and studying ancient Sheikah technology rigorously in her spare time. Not to mention, er, sealing the ultimate evil nonstop for one hundred years straight. She’s also stubborn, as she refused to hide and do nothing when Ganon at last arose, insisting to Urbosa and the Champions that she would do something to defeat the Calamity. Spoiler, she ended up getting her way.

Tiger – Impa

Tigers are courageous, authoritative, emotional, and intense. Impa is all of these things. She’s emotional and intense when it comes to talking about Zelda trapped within Dark Beast Ganon, and courageous as shown by her younger self in Age of Calamity. But her most dominant trait is natural authority: there’s nothing that says that clearer than initiating Link’s mission to retrieve his memories and free the Divine Beasts. If it wasn’t for her, Zelda would probably have died in Ganon’s grasp, and Link would go on to be an ordinary boy who had no idea he had been the Hylian Champion 100 years before.

Dog – King Rhoam

Dogs are faithful, patient, generous, and kind. King Rhoam is the completely loyal king of Hyrule who did everything to make sure he and Zelda guarded their kingdom’s fate. He’s also patient with Link, waiting for him to recover emotionally for the journey to save his daughter, and a kind guide for both the princess and her knight. In other words, he acted as Link’s “guide dog” during the Great Plateau prologue.

Dragon – Urbosa

Energetic, warm-hearted, fearless, and charismatic, Urbosa is the perfect representation of the Dragon. She loves to poke fun at Zelda and others, showing her energetic, enjoyable side, and is charmingly heartfelt to her “little bird” at other times. She’s also courageous in battle as shown in both Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild. Fierce dragon, for sure!

Rabbit – Daruk

No one is more like the Rabbit than the almighty Daruk! (He’ll be so happy to see he wasn’t compared to a dog here.) Rabbits are popular, compassionate, and sincere, all three being Daruk’s high points. He is known for opening up his true self and feelings to others, and his friendliness makes it impossible not to want to be around him. His compassion also stood out when speaking to Zelda after her unsuccessful Mount Lanayru visit. He is genuinely concerned for others, equipped with a heart just as big as his Goron body.

Monkey – Beedle

Monkeys are notorious for being fun, active, and energetic, and Beedle’s in the number one spot for this zodiac sign. Every time he sees Link, he’s literally jumping up and down like a monkey squealing for the little Hylian to buy his items. And talk about active: he’s a carefree traveling merchant, traversing Hyrule with a backpack bigger than himself. Who can’t have fun with him just once?

Rat – Sidon

The fan-favorite Prince Sidon of the Zora is, of course, the Rat. They share the character traits of quick-wittedness, smarts, charm, and persuasiveness. The brave prince is nothing but charming, sure-minded, and intelligent. He also is one of the most persuasive Zora in the entire domain. He’s the one who convinced the stubborn Muzu (the manta-ray-like Zora who originally hated Link) that Mipha loved Link and intended for him to wear the Zora Armor she crafted. Let’s just put it this way: without Sidon’s persistence and help, Link wouldn’t have saved Vah Ruta and Zora’s Domain from suffering terrible fates.

Snake – Revali

The Snake is characterized by insecurity, intelligence, charm, and both extrovertion and introvertion at different times. Revali is the direct manifestation of all these things. As he sincerely wrote in his diary, Revali is insecure about himself and uses confidence to hide it, as he thinks he is not good enough. However, he is naturally intelligent and attractive at heart – another attribute that can be seen in his diary – with birdlike intellect that is perfectly paired with his nothing-but-charming voice. (Thank you, Sean Chiplock.) Lastly, he is both an introvert an extrovert: he enjoys training at the Flight Range on his own, but he also can relish being around people.

Pig – Riju

Though pigs are often portrayed as lowly creatures rolling themselves around in mud, their zodiac sign symbolizes love, honesty, patience, and appreciation of luxury. Riju symbolizes all of these things. As a worthy chief, she is loving and honest, and she was patient towards a still-recovering Link before the two of them confronted Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Finally, she is appreciative of even the small actions that Link completes for her, taking nothing for granted. There’s not a single time she passed without a thank you.

Rooster – Kass

No, it’s not just because he’s a bird. Kass is independent, practical (focuses on the doing of something instead of talking or dreaming about it), observant, and hard-working just like the Rooster. What else did you expect for an always-thinking wandering minstrel? He’s observant, paying attention to every small detail of the mysterious songs he plays on his accordion, and is constantly diligently traveling the world to figure out Hyrule’s most challenging puzzles. Let’s not forget the fact that at the same time he’s being an independent shrine-solver, he has a family of six: a wife and five kids! It’s nice to see him returning to Rito Village every once in a while to be a good dad, gleefully playing his accordion by his singing girls.

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