Everything to Do in Rito Village

Pride of the Rito, pillar in the sky…

Rito Village is one of BOTW’s key towns, being the location of one of the Divine Beasts, and it’s definitely a bustling place filled with side quests to complete and merchants to buy from. Here is everything to do in Rito Village, from the best things to buy to every single quest that can be completed here!

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There are two stores in Rito Village, Brazen Beak (clothing shop) and Slippery Falcon (general store).

Slippery Falcon

Inside Slippery Falcon

The Slippery Falcon general store sells:

  • 5 bundles of bomb arrows, pack of 5
  • 3 bundles of regular arrows, pack of 5
  • 4 sunshrooms (provide cold resistance when cooked)
  • 5 goat butter blocks
  • 3 cane sugar bundles
  • 3 Tabantha wheat bundles

After entering the store, look to your right. On a small wooden desk is Misa’s Recipe Book, a diary that contains descriptions on how to make Nutcake, Apple Pie, and Fried Bananas.

Brazen Beak

Inside Brazen Beak

The Brazen Beak clothing shop sells all 3 pieces of the Snowquill armor set (tunic, trousers, headdress) for 2,150 rupees. Wearing at least two pieces will grant Level 2 cold resistance, the highest level possible. Upgrading each piece at least twice via Great Fairies will unlock the Unfreezable set bonus, preventing ice-infused enemies from freezing you. You must wear the entire Snowquill set to have this set bonus. If you happen to sell any piece of the set, you can re-purchase the lost piece from the store. The Snowquill Set is required for traveling across regions like the Lanayru Mountains, Gerudo Highlands, Hebra Mountains, and safely boarding and completing Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Swallow’s Roost

Inside Swallow’s Roost

While not technically a store, Swallow’s Roost is an inn (every Divine Beast town has an inn). Sleeping on a regular bed costs 20 rupees and will replenish all your hearts, while sleeping on a Rito-down bed costs 80 rupees and will give Link three temporary extra hearts and one temporary extra full Stamina Wheel.

Shrines and Shrine Quests

Akh Va’quot Shrine

Inside the Akh Va’quot Shrine

The Akh Va’quot Shrine is Rito Village’s local shrine. It requires you to turn the windmills in the shrine in certain directions, ensuring that they are all spinning. Once all are spinning, the locked door leading to the monk’s altar will open, letting you complete the shrine.

Voo Lota Shrine + Recital at Warbler’s Nest

At Warbler’s Nest, outside of Voo Lota Shrine

After finishing Divine Beast Vah Medoh and the “Find Kheel” side quest, warp back to Rito Village. Your task is to find Kheel’s four sisters and convince them to attend singing rehearsal with her at Warbler’s Nest (west of the village). Details of the girls’ locations are below:

  1. Notts: Above the Brazen Beak clothing shop, on one of the ledges of the stone pillar Vah Medoh is perched on. She will give you Tabantha Wheat.
  2. Kotts: By the pond across the bridge closest to Rito Village. She will give you hearty salmon.
  3. Cree: In the Slippery Falcon general store by the goat butter. She will give you butter.
  4. Genli: By the cooking pot in one of the wooden Rito huts. Give her the ingredients you received from her three sisters, put them together in the pot, and cook a hearty salmon meuniere for her. All of the sisters have now been rounded up at Warbler’s Nest and singing happily.

Return to Warbler’s Nest with a Korok Leaf, and use it to blow gusts of wind into the “fingered” rocks’ holes. Based on the number of “fingers” each rock has, the order should be: 4, 5, 3, 1, 2. Once you have done this, the shrine will appear.

Mozo Shenno + The Bird in the Mountains

The birdlike cliff in front of Link

Optional: Speak to Molli, a pink Rito child sitting on one of the landing pads close to the bowmaker Harth’s hut. She will give you the side quest “The Bird in the Mountains.” If you do not speak to her, you can find and complete the shrine perfectly fine.

After completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon, look for a cliff shaped like a white bird in the Hebra Mountains. Glide down to it, and there should be an opening on its side leading to the Mozo Shenno shrine. It pits you in a Major Test of Strength to fight an upgraded Guardian Scout.

Bareeda Naag + The Ancient Rito Song

A campfire on the Ancient Rito Song’s pedestal

After completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon, speak to Bedoli in Rito Village. She can be found on Revali’s Landing, the largest landing pad toward the top of the village. The riddle to find the shrine is as follows: “Pride of the Rito, pillar in the sky, its heart lights up when the sun is high. The heart shines upon a path not whole, but a warming flame can stir its soul.”

The riddle is referring to the orange glowing pedestal south of Rito Village. Glide to it, stand on it, and light a campfire on top of it. The shrine will appear at 12:30 p.m. in-game time.

Side Quests

Find Kheel

Kheel at Warbler’s Nest talking about her sister Genli

Speak to Amali, a worried green Rito woman on the landing pad beside the Akh Va’quot Shrine. She will ask you to find her lost daughter, Kheel. Paraglide west of Rito Village to the area where stone pillars are sticking out of the ground. Kheel will ask you to find her sisters, starting the “Recital at Warbler’s Nest” shrine quest. Warp back to Rito Village to receive a purple rupee (worth 50 rupees) from Amali.

The Apple of My Eye

Speak to Juney, located gazing into the distance at the end of a long walkway at the top of Rito Village. She wants a baked apple. If you already have one in your inventory, hand it over to her. If you don’t, create a campfire and drop an apple on the ground next to the open flame, to bake it. After you give Juney the baked apple, she will reward you with a silver rupee (worth 100 rupees). You can continue this process to earn more rupees.

The Spark of Romance

Speak to Jogo, a Hylian man that can be found in Rito Village’s Swallow’s Roost inn. He needs one piece of flint. If you already have a piece of flint in your inventory, give it to Jogo for a reward of a Silver Rupee (worth 100 rupees). Like with Juney’s baked apple side quest, you can continue giving Jogo flint even after the quest’s completion to earn rupees.

Face the Frost Talus

A Frost Talus

Speak to Gesane, a Rito guard on the bridge between the Rito Stable and Rito Village. Ask him how he’s doing by choosing one of the available dialogue options. He will tell you to face a Frost Talus, a dangerous elemental variant of the Stone Talus sub-boss, that he spotted in the Hebra Mountains’ Coldsnap Hollow.

I recommend upgrading all pieces of the Snowquill set at least twice via Great Fairies, if you haven’t already, to unlock the Unfreezable set bonus. Wear the entire set so that you don’t get frozen when climbing on the Talus’s body. If you don’t want to do this, just use a fire-induced weapon (Flameblade, Meteor Rod, Fire Rod, or Great Flameblade) or shoot a Fire Arrow at the Talus. This will turn it into a normal Stone Talus that you can safely climb. Like all other Taluses, its weak point is the ore on its back; use your strongest two-handed weapon or bomb arrows to strike it until your enemy is defeated. Be sure to pick up the valuable gemstones dropped by the Talus before returning to Gesane. He will reward you with a silver rupee (worth 100 rupees).

From the Ground Up (Rito Segment)

Fyson decides to go to Tarrey Town

After beginning the Tarrey Town side quest, “From the Ground Up,” and completing the Goron and Gerudo segments, Hudson at Tarrey Town will ask you to find a Rito merchant. This is none other than Fyson, the turquoise Rito man relaxing on one of the lower landings of Rito Village. He can be found between the village’s goddess statue and the Akh Va’quot Shrine. Tell him about Tarrey Town, and he will head there immediately. You can now buy all sorts of arrows (except for Ancient Arrows) at his shop there.

Main Quests

Approach Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Kaneli initiates “Divine Beast Vah Medoh” main quest

Speak to the Rito Elder Kaneli in his hut at the top of Rito Village, who will initiate the “Divine Beast Vah Medoh” main quest and tell you to find and help a Rito Warrior named Teba to take down the rogue Medoh. Head to the hut adjacent to Kaneli’s, in which is a purple and pink female Rito named Saki, Teba’s wife. After the following cutscene, she will tell you that Teba is at the Flight Range. Make sure to equip at least two pieces of the Snowquill armor set before embarking on your search for him.

Revali’s Landing

Jump off from the left opening of Revali’s Landing, the large landing pad at the top of Rito Village, and glide north until you land on the Hebra snow. Continue up the path past the Sha Warvo shrine to the Flight Range: a little wooden hut with an aerial archery bootcamp right outside. Approach Teba, the white Rito Warrior fixing his bow on the hut’s protruding landing pad. To get him convinced you’re being serious about taking Medoh down with him, he’ll ask you to shoot five of the blue targets outside in three minutes. Do this by paragliding on the updrafts and taking out your bow in midair. Note that dropping and then opening your paraglider again will recharge your stamina, unlike gliding on other updrafts.

If you pass Teba’s test, he will give you 20 bomb arrows to use in the fight against Medoh. Cooking dishes with healing properties with the Flight Range’s pot would be a good idea, as you are about to enter a dungeon. Speak to Teba once you’re ready to assault Medoh.

Assaulting Divine Beast Vah Medoh

The assault sequence plays out very similarly to Teba’s test in the Flight Range: pull out your bow in midair, only this time with bomb arrows, and shoot the four cannons around Vah Medoh. Normal bows should require two shots at each target to take it down. Remember that dropping down and opening your paraglider again will recharge your stamina. When one of the cannons starts to aim at you like a Guardian, drop down and shoot it before it can shoot you. Once you disable all the cannons and Medoh’s energy shield is gone, Teba will head back to the Flight Range, leaving you to begin and complete the dungeon alone.

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