How To Spawn & Use the Twilight Bow

Meet one of the best bows in all of Breath of the Wild.

If you’re looking for Breath of the Wild‘s best bow (other than the Bow of Light), you can’t miss out on the Twilight Bow. Fortunately, spawning it via an amiibo isn’t difficult – here’s a complete walkthrough on how to obtain Princess Zelda’s legendary bow.

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Step 1: Buy the Amiibo

The Super Smash Bros. Twilight Princess Zelda amiibo figure

To spawn the Twilight Bow, you will need the Super Smash Bros Twilight Princess Zelda amiibo. There is no other way to spawn it without this specific amiibo figure. If you already have this figurine in your inventory, great – pull it out and move onto the next step.

Step 2: Scan the Amiibo

The amiibo rune on the rune-choosing screen

You can only have the ability to scan amiibo figures about 45 min. after completing the Great Plateau. That’s not the only requirement, though: The Twilight Bow is only available after fully completing at least one Divine Beast main quest. If this prerequisite is already met, press R on your Nintendo Switch control to head to the settings screen and enable amiibo. Once this is done, exit the menu and press L to open up the rune screen, and you should see a new icon for the amiibo rune. Select it.

The glowing yellow sphere, indicating where amiibo drops will land

You should now see a glowing yellow sphere in front of you, which indicates where the amiibo drops will land. Hold the base of the Zelda amiibo figure above your controller’s right joystick. Finally, you should hear a jingling sound before a treasure chest and an assortment of foods fall from the ground. Open the treasure chest; note that it may not contain the Twilight Bow, as there is only a chance for it to appear. If it does not appear, wait until the next day (you can only scan an amiibo once per day) and repeat the above steps to try again. Repeat until you find the Twilight Bow.

Step 3: Use the Twilight Bow Properly

The Twilight Bow

The Twilight Bow is not your everyday bow. It can shoot at every enemy in sight, but that doesn’t mean it should. Its stats tower over all other bows, making it mainly suitable for precise dragon part farming and Lynel headshots. With infinite Light Arrow ammo (it can’t be equipped with any other arrows), a mind-blowing range of 8,000, and durability of 100, the Twilight Bow has proven itself as an outstanding bow only good enough for the most outstanding of situations. Keep in mind that it can break, unlike the Bow of Light, and you will have to spawn it again once it does.

Twilight Bow Stats Overview

Below is a table of the Twilight Bow’s basic stats.

Attack Power30
Ammo Limit∞ (automatic)
Found InChest spawned by Super Smash Bros. Twilight Princess Zelda amiibo figure
Bonus(es)Durability Up (automatic)
Ammo TypeLight Arrows (automatic)
Twilight Bow Stats

Scanning instructions credit: Nintendo Customer Support

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