13 Zelda Characters That Love Annoying You

Hey! Listen!

From Ocarina of Time‘s Princess Ruto to Skyward Sword‘s “Fi” android, some Zelda characters can go a little too far. No one wants a robot giving you a mathematical analysis of your surroundings in the middle of a boss battle or a fairy yelling at your face. But regardless of what we think, Nintendo has deliberately created some characters that absolutely love annoying you – here are 13 of them.

13. Groose (Skyward Sword)

Groose will never stop being a baby, will he? At the beginning of the game, he repeatedly insults Link for spending so much time with Zelda, with hardly a reason behind it. He’s next encountered when Link descends down to the Sealed Grounds for the battle with the Imprisoned, where he finally figures out how to get along with Link. But he hasn’t lost all his immaturity just yet. He still wishes he got to save Zelda instead of Link, banging his fists against a rock wall and sobbing, and then he names the surface Grooseland after… himself? Not to mention that he has a picture of Link on his punching bag. Ow.

12. The Gerudo (Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild)

The Gerudo are finally given more depth in Breath of the Wild, but they still retain their generation-lasting annoyingness: the hate of men. Seriously, why can’t they put up with men? Every time Link encounters the Gerudo, they either lock him up in a cage or shoo him away. That’s the main reason why the Gerudo Fortress is so hard to infiltrate. Even in the amazing masterpiece of BOTW, Link has to dress up in a weird female outfit to get past the ever-wary guards, even after he’s proven his worth by freeing Vah Naboris. These people!

11. Nakura (Link’s Awakening)

Nakura, or that pink ghost from Link’s Awakening, won’t stop ordering you around. You want to enter the fifth dungeon, Catfish’s Maw? Nope. You have to bring Nakura to his house first. You want to go somewhere else to have a break from “the house… take me… the house at the bay…”? Nope. You have to bring Nakura to his house first.

This is one of the few sidequests in the game that is mandatory. Right after you exit the Angler’s Tunnel, you’ll have no choice but to put up with this guy until you find his grave (which, by the way, can take you a long time). And if you go to the wrong place, Nakura will say, “NO! Not there!” Whichever human Nakura was before he died, I’m sure they were annoying, too.

10. Bazaar Shopkeepers (Skyward Sword)

Skyward Sword‘s Bazaar shopkeepers are some of Zelda‘s worst shopkeepers of all time. If you click the wrong thing, they’ll end up forcing you to click through tons of dialogue screens before they scream at your face. Guys, if you want someone to buy your stuff, stop yelling at them! Not only that, but even if you’ve purchased from their shop before, they’ll still go through a long welcoming explanation about what they sell. We know already. And that shield-seller who’s always bopping his head around and smiling uncannily…

9. Ganon

Ganon is that villain that will keep bugging you with his endless appearances. In over 90% of all Zelda games, the Great King of Evil acts as the main antagonist no matter how many times you’ve beat him in the past. The bad news is that this flame-haired guy from Skyward Sword, Demise aka Ganondorf, is cursed for eternal resurrection, meaning Ganon will keep coming at us forever… yeah, I know. Princess Zelda must be just as tired of seeing Ganon over and over again. It’s like a person who you thought you rid yourself of for eternity, only for him to show up tomorrow at your doorstep shouting, “I’m back!”

8. Tingle (Hyrule Warriors, Wind Waker)

Kooloo-Limpah! Like, what? Tingle is a universally hated character who gives you the tingles every time you see him. With his tight green suit and annoyingly rosy cheeks, Tingle manages to naturally be a pain in the neck even when he’s trying to help you. What makes Tingle so frustrating is that he’s not yelling at you like the Bazaar shopkeepers or being cocky like Princess Ruto, but he’s a sickly-sweet, overly gleeful kind of person who can really, really get on your nerves. He sells you maps and yells his own name. He’s almost always smiling. And he jumps up, twirls, and sprays out Valentine’s hearts in the middle of battle? I’ve had enough of this guy.

7. Jolene (Phantom Hourglass)

Remember Jolene? That little annoying pain of a lady who constantly tracks down Linebeck’s ship? Yeah, she’s on this list, too, and for good reason. This girl won’t stop chasing you across the Great Sea and will fire torpedoes without a warning if she catches onto your ship. Don’t check the sea chart, and she’ll force you to battle her just so she can lure out Linebeck. Defeating her won’t make a difference, either: she’ll still pop up randomly and attack you over and over again. The extra annoying thing? She can’t stop using the exact same attack moves, making every encounter more of a bore each time. Someone, teach this woman how to behave.

6. Ghirahim (Skyward Sword)

If Jolene annoyed you, Ghirahim certainly will even more. He’s one of those unique cases of a boss that you have to battle multiple times in one game, and each of those fights are a real pain. He shows no mercy even in your very first dungeon. Even playing on the Nintendo Switch will prove difficult, as the first phase of striking his hand with your sword is unpredictable at times. Get used to it: you’ll have to fight him two more times later on. This is just how annoying Ghirahim is as a boss: he wastes both his and your time on toying with you, and then he finally morphs into his real form in the final fight.

5. Scrapper (Skyward Sword)

Nintendo should completely erase these annoying escort missions from their games; Scrapper is nearly as bad as Princess Ruto. First of all, he always calls Link “Master Shortpants” and never says his real name. Then, you’re forced to bring him around Eldin carrying a huge pot of Sacred Water. Oh, and it gets worse: if he takes too much damage, he’ll robotically yell at you and force you to start all over again. And there are Bokoblin archers and huge Moblins everywhere – like, everywhere. Escorting someone in Zelda is never fun, and escorting an ungrateful, annoying person only makes it a lot worse.

4. Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)

Sure, Kaepora means well, but that doesn’t stop him from being any less annoying. His problem is that he’s a talking owl who can’t stop spitting out the longest monologues you can think of. After all of these perpetual speeches, he’ll ask you if you got everything, and choosing the wrong option will only make it worse. He’ll repeat everything. This owl looks wise, but if he really is that wise, can’t he figure out we’re not dumb? As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Let us learn for ourselves; we can survive on our own, Kaepora.

3. Princess Ruto (Ocarina of Time)

King Zora, teach this daughter of yours. As a child, the dreaded (and ugly) Princess Ruto already starts out a brat, getting mad at Link for coming to rescue her. Then, she walks herself right into a hole before being trapped by the boss, only for Link to save her and receive another full dose of her ungratefulness all over again.

She’s only worse as an adult. Her story begins when she calls Link a “terrible man” for not rescuing her earlier (if he did, she would’ve still endlessly complained throughout the entire rescue mission). It seems her brattiness has grown, and you have to escort her through the dungeon of Jabu-Jabu’s Belly this time around. That’s right – just like Scrapper, if you take too much damage, she’ll get mad at you, toss her head a little, and make you start all over again. As if the Water Temple wasn’t bad enough.

And guess what happens at the end: Ruto asks Link to marry her after everything she’s done to him. She forever remains her natural bratty self, as if scolding Link and making him carry her around Jabu-Jabu’s digestive system wasn’t enough to exhaust her attitude. Good thing Link never said yes.

2. Fi (Skyward Sword)

Fi, like Kaepora Gaebora, is one of those characters who annoyingly holds your hand throughout the entirety of Skyward Sword. And not only this, she’s your a floating calculator ballerina who tells you the exact numerical chances of an enemy defeating you. It’s bad enough to make you relieved when you at last bid her farewell. Fi’s taught us that (almost) nothing’s worse than an emotionless, robotic android who interrupts everything with her gibberish and blatantly telling you that you have a low chance of winning. It’s basically the most discouraging thing you can hear in a Zelda game.

1. Navi (Ocarina of Time)

Hey, listen, Navi, you’re the #1 most annoying Zelda character of all time! If you were annoyed by Ruto’s brattiness and Fi’s endless talking, Navi is the combination of them. She just can’t stop yelling “Hey! Listen!”, “Look!” and “Watch out!” when Link is already on his highest guard. Like, you need to calm down, Navi. Link can handle himself. Players and fans alike dread Navi for her loud intrusions in the middle of playing the game, and every scream will make you roll your eyes in frustration. It makes you want to turn off the volume just to silence this terrible little fairy.

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