10 Unbelievable Things You Can Actually Do in BOTW

Unleash the Cuccos!

You can use the annoying Cucco mechanic against your enemies? Now we’re talking. With Breath of the Wild‘s nearly limitless freedom, there are definitely some amazing (and hilarious) things out there that you can actually do. No lies here – here are 10 unbelievable things you can do for real in BOTW!

10. Swarm Your Enemies With Cuccos

If there’s one thing Cuccos do best, it’s annoyingly getting revenge on the people who hit them too many times. And… that goes for everybody. Bring a Cucco to a raging Moblin, and he’ll whack it. What happens then? Just like with you, the Cucco will assemble all of its friends to show your enemy who’s boss, and soon enough eliminate them. Who needs a breakable sword? Cuccos never die, and they do tons of damage.

9. Lift Anything Up with Octo Balloons

We all know Octoroks can puff themselves up and float in the air, but have you ever thought about what gives them this ability? Bingo: Octo Balloons. And good for you, you can harvest them after successfully defeating an Octorok. Their neat floating ability lets you send basically anything into the air, too, including boats, TNT barrels, and raw ingredients. So, the next time you open BOTW, try sending a present through the air with these handy balloons – just remember that they can pop!

8. Chop Down Road Signs

NPCs can annoy you, and I know how to get back at them. (No, not with Cuccos.) To make them lose their way, you can chop down road signs with your sword and eliminate the remains with a bomb. Okay, to be fair, NPCs will merrily go on their way without paying any attention to the absence of road signs, but still! It’s nevertheless awesome that basically anything can be cut down in the super-realistic BOTW.

7. Head Straight to Ganon

Don’t try this at home. It’s possible to head straight to Ganon after getting the paraglider, but I highly recommend you don’t. BOTW’s freedom allows you to choose any path through the vast world of Hyrule, including skipping all of the four main dungeons to go face the final boss. But why do this, honestly? You’re missing out on The Legend of Zelda‘s level staple, and you’re just not playing Breath of the Wild right at all. Yes, Zelda has been waiting 100 years, but she can just wait a little longer.

6. Go to Space

This particular glitch lets Link explore outer space and safely return back to Hyrule via free-falling for 10 whole minutes (see how to in this YouTube video). Not everyone will dare to visit the final frontier, though. Embarking on this journey requires you to blow yourself up 70,000 times (sheesh!) and jump in the lava, basically overwhelming BOTW’s storage just so Link can escape Hyrule. Oh, and if you do decide to take on the impossible, make sure to stock up on stamina foods. You’ll need it, otherwise you’ll die from hitting the ground too hard… ow.

5. Trap Bokoblins

Those nasty little Bokos need to be locked in jail. Don’t worry: there’s a way to do this, too! This task is not technically a glitch. Instead, it’s more utilizing BOTW’s electricity mechanic and Magnesis to make electric fences. And it’s much less demanding than the glitch for going to outer space. All you have to do is use Magnesis to put metal boxes in a rectangular shape, all touching each other, and a Thunderblade at the edge. This will send an electric current that carries through all of the metal boxes. If Bokoblins are trapped inside and try to escape by pushing their cell walls, they’ll get shocked instead. (Credit to Boko Club Gaming for discovering this!)

4. Annoy NPCs By Being Naked

Privacy rules apparently apply in Hyrule, too, and NPCs can get really creeped out if you show up naked. No, seriously. Try this on Parcy at the Riverside Stable at night, when she’s fast asleep in her bed. Wake her up and she’ll start screaming that you’re a creep. Parcy’s not the only one who gets upset over Link’s lack of clothes, though. Laissa at Rito Village wants to call the cops, Rogaro at Goron City tells you you’re going to pass out, and more. Check out Gah_Leave_me_Alone’s entire Naked Chronicles series for more!

3. Revive Your Horses

Your trusty steeds can be brought back from the dead, all by the power of the intimidatingly joking Horse God, Malanya. She rests east of the Horse God Bridge in the Faron Grasslands. Her fountain will resemble a Great Fairy Fountain at first, but after you hand over your rupees, a huge horse head with tiny, floating hands will burst out and laugh about eating you. As long as you’re not already scared to death by this terrifying creature, she can revive any of your lost horses in exchange for one Endura Carrot (after the first, free revival). She almost came straight out of Majora’s Mask or something.

2. Steal From a Hinox

Hinoxes can be a pain in the neck to deal with, all for the enticing weapons hung on their necklaces. There’s a way to slip by this, too! What did you expect? Just climb on a sleeping Hinox, press A to snatch their weapons away, and boom – you have what you want. Unless you want to take down the Hinox as well, you can pretty much flee the battle with a brand new Royal Claymore in your inventory. Now that’s sweet stealing.

1. Play 16 Different Minigames

Minigames are no stranger to the Zelda series, but 16 different ones? That’s another situation. Breath of the Wild, in all its hidden secrets and complexity, has 16 minigames you can play at your own time. From bowling to parasailing to even golf, BOTW has it all. It really does everything it can to help you have fun (as if exploring the open world wasn’t enough fun already), doesn’t it? You can read my article here on where to find and how to win each of the minigames.

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