How To Easily Farm & Use Dragon Parts

You know those three giant monsters roaming Hyrule?

One hidden yet amazing detail about Breath of the Wild is its three dragons, Naydra, Dinraal, and Farosh. And not only are they named after Hyrule’s Golden Goddesses, but they are also the sources of powerful cooking ingredients that you can find nowhere else. Here are the easiest ways to farm dragon parts in BOTW and their unique purposes in the game.

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Farming Dragon Parts

Horns, Scales, Fangs, and Claws

Before you go out into the world and farm your dragon parts at will, you must know the four simple farmable parts: horns, scales, and fangs.

HornsShoot the protruding horn of a dragon’s head. Most potent in cooking.
ScalesShoot anywhere on a dragon’s body other than the horn and mouth. Least potent in cooking.
FangsShoot a dragon’s mouth. Second most potent in cooking.
ClawsShoot a dragon’s hands. Second least potent in cooking.

After you have successfully shot a location on the dragon, the corresponding dragon part will sparkle before flying off of the dragon’s body to a random location somewhat close by.

Dragon Locations

You can’t farm dragon parts without knowing where the dragons are first! While the dragons can be elusive at times, they usually have a regular schedule as they fly through their home regions.

FaroshLake Hylia, Riola Spring
NaydraMount Lanayru, Lanayru East Gate
DinraalAkkala/Eldin region, Tanagar Canyon

Proper Farming Equipment

Good equipment is key to farming dragon parts. Bow range and stamina all play a part in this, as well as necessary armor to prevent being affected by each dragon’s elemental excretion. If you want to farm a specific dragon part, you’ll need to aim true and precise at the desired location. You have no two-in-a-row chances, and you’ll have to wait until the next in-game day cycle to try again, and it’s no fun to live with disappointment for that long.

BowAncient Bow or Twilight Bow, for precision
Clothing– Farosh: Thunder Helm
– Naydra: Zant’s Helmet or Snowquill Set upgraded at least twice by Great Fairies
– Dinraal: Flamebreaker Set upgraded at least twice by Great Fairies
StaminaCook stamina-restoring foods before farming, since bullet time/midair aiming is best to get clear shots, but also uses lots of stamina. Have at least 2 full stamina wheels.

Dragon-Related Quests

Not only are dragon parts useful cooking ingredients, but they are also needed for some shrine quests and one DLC main quest. Here are all the dragon-related quests in BOTW.

QuestScale ofLocationInitiated by
Spring of WisdomNaydraMount LanayruMedda (Hateno Village)
The Serpent’s Jaws (Spring of Courage)FaroshEast of Lake HyliaKass (Pagos Woods)
Spring of PowerDinraalWest of East Akkala StableNobo (East Akkala Stable)
EX Champion Revali’s SongDinraalTanagar Canyon– Kass (Cuho Mountain)
– Mazli (Tanagar Canyon)

Dragon Part Cooking Bonuses

Dragon parts can also greatly increase the effects of your dishes when combined with the right ingredients. Dragon horns are the most potent, fangs are second, and scales are the least.

HornsLevel 3 bonus, lasts 30 min.
Fangs10:30 min.
Claws3:30 min.
Scales1:30 min.

Important note: Dragon parts are not monster parts. They are seasonings similar to Goron spice and monster extract. Therefore, you still need to combine another monster part with an insect on top of the dragon part for elixirs, and dragon parts can be extra ingredients for dishes.

Selling Dragon Parts

Dragon parts can also garner you a lot of rupees if you sell them to merchants. They can also be exchanged for mon at Kilton’s Fang and Bone. However, based on the capriciousness of the dragons and rarity of the parts, the rupees and mon they sell for really aren’t worth it. Even diamonds, far less rare than dragon horns, sell for 200 more rupees!

Horns– 300 Rupees
– 150 Mon
Fangs– 250 Rupees
– 110 Mon
Claws– 180 Rupees
– 80 Mon
Scales– 150 Rupees
– 60 Mon

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