10 Zelda Quotes That Are Never Forgotten

“Courage need not be remembered…”

Some things will forever stick in your mind, and Zelda quotes are one of them. Featuring memorable quotes from Princess Zelda and more, here are the top 10 lines that can and will never be forgotten.

10. “A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.” -Ancient Hero, Twilight Princess

Courage, being one of the three elements of the Triforce, is a recurring theme across Zelda games. It becomes even more important when you realize that Link is its living representation. In a courageous quote in itself, the Ancient Hero of Twilight Princess, aka Ocarina of Time Link, tells the future Link that swords are powerless unless he has the courage to make it strong. While this line doesn’t pop out at everyone when they think “famous Zelda quotes,” it’s still an encouraging one to start your day.

9. “Your true face… what kind of… face is it? I wonder… the face under the mask… Is that… your true face?” -Moon Child, Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is undoubtedly a strange game. It deliberately swerved away from the traditional optimistic Zelda theme for the creeps and a giant grotesque moon going to crash into Termina in three days, not to mention the Moon Children. Oh, those Moon Children. Majora’s Mask finishes in an even stranger showdown on this freakish moon, and these moon kids start spitting out some serious wisdom. Honestly. They bring up a question of identity, if their identities are their true selves, which is especially applicable to this game as a whole. After all, it is called Majora’s *Mask*, and Link and Skull Kid both spend most of the game in some kind of mask.

8. “I’m still your Zelda.” -Zelda, Skyward Sword

This quote is one of those that can’t help but make us burst into tears. Zelda discovers the truth that she is the mortal reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, and Link is her destined hero. But her fateful role doesn’t stop her from reminding Link that they are still the same people they were as kids. She comforts him in their heart-wrenching goodbye by helping him to remember her responsibility has never phased her away from being his Zelda for eternity, and from being her true self.

7. “A thing that does not change with time is a memory of younger days.” -Sheik, Ocarina of Time

Being Zelda underneath all the fancy tomboy getup, we kind of had to know Sheik would say something wise. And let’s just say she did not disappoint. She reminds us that regardless of the flow of time, the memories of your younger days will never change. Your past doesn’t change. Sheik also is subtlely telling us that you can’t change the past, making it all the more important to make good decisions both in-game and in real life.

6. “Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.” -Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Zelda speaks yet another line about courage, but this one is a quote that will stick with you forever. The concept of memory used in this quote indistinctly references the amnesiac Link who is still trying to regain all of his memories. However, as the wise princess says, courage is the one thing that is never forgotten no matter what, and Link will always have that inside of him. You don’t have to “remember” courage: it’s already something you have within you.

5. “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” -Old Man, Zelda I

It’s impossible to discuss Zelda quotes without mentioning this one. From the very first Legend of Zelda game struts forth the Old Man’s famous “it’s dangerous to go alone” line. Since then, Nintendo has printed this quote on its Breath of the Wild official guide, used it as Tri Force Heroes‘s slogan, and various other companies have also snatched this memorable line. It’s that famous, there are T-shirts with it written all over them.

4. “The right thing… What is it? I wonder… if you do the right thing… Does it really make… everybody… happy?” -Moon Child, Majora’s Mask

The Moon Children pose yet another question regarding morality and the essence of right and wrong. They tell no lies: there is always going to be someone who isn’t happy or doesn’t agree with you when you do what’s right. It makes one happy while another is not. One example of this is sacrificing the Deku Butler’s son because of the three-day time limit. You could consider it the right thing to do, but someone still died.

3. “Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.” -Zelda, Twilight Princess

Zelda brings out what makes Ganondorf so villainous in this one quote. He doesn’t know the danger of wielding the ultimate power he wants, so it eventually ruled him instead. That’s why he represents Power in the Triforce. Without the proper skill and knowledge, the power-hungry Ganondorf consumed all he could before it was too late. Zelda and Link, however, know the dangers and deliberately prevent themselves from turning into Ganons themselves. Power is not necessarily wrong, but unawareness of its dangers is.

2. “Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure. These feelings have vanished from our hearts.” -Ikana’s Late King, Majora’s Mask

Ikana’s late king emphasizes the concept of believing in your friends and forgiving their mistakes. Only then can you let go of your grudge and fully accept this feeling of trust. The king’s statement also acts as a foreshadowing of MM’s ending. After defeating the evil manifested in Majora’s Mask, Link and Skull Kid forgive each other and become friends, saving both Skull Kid and the world of Termina from their ugly fates.

1. “I am the Hero of Time. No matter where or when I am, I will fight for Hyrule… and for Princess Zelda.” -Akira Himekawa, Ocarina of Time

This one quote defines what Link is, and what Zelda‘s entire storyline basically revolves around. Link always remains the brave Hero of Time who will appear in every generation to fight for the land and princess he loves. That is his identity and purpose in the rebirth cycle initiated in Skyward Sword. Notice that Link says “where or when I am,” signifying that no matter which generation or land he winds up in, he will always play this pivotal role. If it wasn’t for Link, Hyrule would be gone and Zelda would be dead. If it wasn’t for Link, we would never have our favorite elf boy in the world. And if it wasn’t for Link, all of the previous quotes would not exist.

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