Did Twilight Princess HD Just Get Shut Down?

Nintendo just locked us in the Twilight Realm.

I’m sorry, Twilight Princess HD fans, but the Switch remake might just have gotten shut down. So buckle up for another (seemingly) Zelda-less year – Tantalus said so.

No, not Tentalus, the Skyward Sword boss! Tantalus, the studio behind Skyward Sword HD and longtime Nintendo collaborator, has broken the silence on Twilight Princess HD. The company also brought TP to the Wii U years back, and it would only make sense for Nintendo to call them up for another round. But no. In a recent interview with the podcast “Fragments of Silicon,” Tantalus CEO Tom Crago admitted to what was actually going on behind the scenes.

“No, and look, we’d obviously love to do that, but that hasn’t been a priority for Nintendo – or at least not in conversations that they’ve had with us,” Crago said. “The way it works with our friends over there is we’ll jump at any opportunity we can to work on one of their titles. There’s a constant dialogue between our two companies. Often there’s a little bit of time that passes between titles, and there might be other ideas that are kicked around.”

“But in the case of Skyward Sword [HD], some time passed and the email comes: ‘Would you be interested in considering bringing Skyward Sword [HD] on to Switch?’ To which the answer is, of course, ‘Yes, we would.’ And then we enter into the conversations with Nintendo around what that might look like and eventually we get underway. So it was similar in a lot of senses in terms of how¬†Twilight Princess¬†[on Wii U] came to fruition,” he further explained.

This is certainly bad news for those (like me) who have been waiting forever for Twilight Princess HD to come around to the Switch, but not all hope is lost. It’s possible that Nintendo simply contracted another studio to do it for them or decided to do it themselves. However, it would still seem unreasonable to leave Tantalus in the dark without telling them why, right? Oh, well. I guess Nintendo’s shrouding all of us in twilight now.

Interview transcript credit: Comic Book

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