10 Hilarious Guardian Memes That You Need To See

You’ll never think of Guardians the same way again.

Everyone gets it — Breath of the Wild‘s Guardians are some of the most fearsome minibosses in the game, especially for those who haven’t mastered the art of parrying. You know you’re at least the slightest afraid of them when your heart races hearing the Guardian theme. They are also terrifying enough that players have stocked up on memes about their difficulty level. Here are 10 hilarious Guardian memes you seriously need to see right here, right now!

10. I Forgot School

9. Guardian Fashion

8. The One Image That Gives You Anxiety

7. Practice Makes Perfect

6. Thought It Was Deactivated

5. Owning an Egg Guardian

4. The Star Wars Connection

3. It’s Time To Go

2. We’ve All Been There

1. Make No Mistake

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