Top 10 Link Outfits That Will Never Go Out of Style

Go show that fashion to Calamity Ganon… and Princess Zelda!

Before Breath of the Wild (and excluding Four Swords Adventures), Link was always stuck in his green tunic, cap, and brown trousers. But BOTW changed that by stocking up our favorite hero’s inventory with brand-new interchangeable outfits like the Zora Set, Climber’s Set, and even the shiny golden Thunder Helm. So, why not rank them right here? Without further ado, here are the top 10 Link outfits that will never go out of style.

10. Stealth Set

The Stealth Set is likely one of the armor sets you’ll pick up towards the beginning of the game. It brings back the Sheik feel from Ocarina of Time, increased even further when you pair it with the amiibo-only Sheik’s Mask. The outfit is also quite functional for those who prefer to approach horses, enemy camps, and even the Yiga Clan Hideout with supreme stealth. However, for me, being someone who sparingly uses stealth, the Stealth Set is both unprotective and unnecessary, despite how rad it looks on Link.

9. Ancient Set

Not only is the Ancient Set super functional to pretty much everybody, it makes Link look like a Guardian. Which is pretty cool, right? Like the ancient weapons, the Ancient Set glows through little cracks in the overall stone build. Plus, as a set bonus, it strengthens ancient weapons by 80%! Looking like a Guardian, having protection against Guardians, and wielding stronger Guardian weapons is simply irresistible. But if you really want good looks, please take off that helmet. I beg you. Link is better off without it.

8. Royal Guard’s Set (DLC Only)

The Royal Guard’s Set makes Link look like… well, a royal guard. This outfit brings all the formality to Link’s usually casual wardrobe, complete with gold embroidery, the Triforce and Hyrulean emblem on the chest, and thigh-high white boots. Only problem: well, it’s not very Link. The Link we know glitches his way across Hyrule and explodes himself 80,000 times to get up to space. Not very royal guard-ish, shall we say?

7. Soldier’s Set

The Soldier’s Set just looks epic. I mean, Link looks like a knight for once, not a little boy dressed like an elf serving the Princess of Hyrule. Fortunately, you can pick up this medieval steal from the Ventest Clothing Boutique in Hateno Village, so don’t forget to put Link in some armor he really deserves. He also wears this set as his default attire in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, showing Link is a true and qualified knight of Hyrule in this game. It’s even more of a shame that we don’t see him wearing this traditional armor in any BOTW memories.

6. Dark Set

At first glance, the Dark Set looks nearly identical to the Hero of Time’s outfit. This already means there are some serious Ocarina of Time vibes going on right now. The next thing you’ll realize is that this outfit is a perfect callback to Shadow Link, Link’s infamous reflection from Four Swords Adventures, complete with the glowing red eyes that stand out from his all-dark appearance.

However, to be completely honest with you, I was kind of disappointed that the Dark Set didn’t have much importance in the storyline at all. Even making it a shrine quest reward would have been better than leaving it as a mere product for Kilton’s shop.

5. Desert Voe Set

This is where the ranking gets seriously hard. The Desert Voe Set is definitely one of my favorites, which is why I put it in the top 5. It bears the same gold and vibrant accents as Urbosa’s armor, along with the extra-large shoulder pad and signature loose-fitting Gerudo pants. Plus, Link ties his hair up in a cute little ponytail! Unlike the Stealth Set, though, the Voe set also shines in the area of functionality. Traversing the far areas of the Gerudo Desert without heat-resistant foods would be impossible without this set, since Level 2 Heat Resistance is required for Link not to pass out in the heat.

It’s just unprotective: you need to upgrade it at a Great Fairy Fountain to get it anywhere, but by now, you should already have way more protective armor. This makes you ask yourself why you’re spending materials on upgrading in the first place, if better armor exists in your inventory already. The Desert Voe Set is good for defending against the desert heat, not enemy attacks.

4. Snowquill Set

Am I a Rito obsessor or what? To be honest, even those who don’t love the Rito like I do will still get something out of the Snowquill Set. Not only is its name really beautiful, but the colors and design are just perfect. The chest is a highlight: if you look closely, it resembles the chest piece that most Ritos wear, with the slanted cut and signature patterns across the edges. You also can’t ignore the Snowquill Headdress, which adorns Link’s hair with hanging rubies and a feathered hairclip.

And nothing’s better than an armor set that is both useful and fashionable. You’ll be wearing this lovely winter set all over Hyrule, considering how much of the map requires cold resistance.

3. Phantom Ganon Set (DLC Only)

Talk about menacing — the Phantom Ganon Set brings that to a whole another level. Even walking around NPCs with it on will cause them to cower in fear. Its skull and glowing orange accents, along with the bright red Gerudo hair, harken back to Ganondorf’s essence while also keeping Link stylish. Is there really anything I can say to make it look bad? Curiously, though, it bears the same patterns on the wrist and calves that Link has on his Champion’s Tunic, and Nabooru wears on her tube top in Ocarina of Time. What is this pattern, and what significance does it bear to Zelda as a whole?

2. Zora Set

The Zora Set is one of Link’s most elegant armor sets in all of BOTW. It bears the traditional Zora colors — blue and silver — proudly, on top of giving Link their webbed feet and head design to help him swim faster. It’s also one of the sweetest: the Zora Champion Mipha crafted it for him as his engagement ring. Wearing this sports Zora pride, allows you to swim up waterfalls, reminds you of your adorable fish girlfriend, and makes you look like one of your favorite fish people. What more can I ask for?

1. Barbarian Set

The Barbarian Set is the pinnacle of BOTW fashion. It carries both style and practicality in one set, and it is one of the only remnants of the mysterious Zonai tribe. Each piece you put on increases the total “attack up” bonus, making all the damage you do 20% more powerful each time (50% with all 3 pieces equipped). No more taking 15 minutes to defeat a Lynel. No more wasting all your powerful weapons on weak field enemies. Nearly every weapon can become a powerful weapon with the Barbarian Set equipped, which is arguably one of the most useful and good-looking armor sets in all of Hyrule.

But someone, please explain to me how putting on a shirt could paint tribal marks on Link. It just doesn’t work like that.

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