Princess Zelda’s 10 Best Moments of the Series

Here’s to a lot more Zelink.

Either as the powerful savior of Hyrule or a playful princess, Zelda has some great moments that we will forever remember. So let’s go across the series and revisit her top 10 best moments right here, in one article – here we go!

10. She Tries to Feed Link a Frog (Breath of the Wild)

Oh, who in the world can forget when Zelda tried to feed Link a frog? Either she was trying to poke fun at him, or she was trying to get back at him for making her so jealous of his natural knight skills. And both of those are technically valid. But, whichever way they believe is true, everyone has to admit her love for frogs just made her so much more likable. Do that to Ganon and he will be furious.

9. She Winks at Link (Wind Waker)

If there’s one Princess Zelda who’s outright playful, that award goes to Wind Waker. When Link frees Zelda from the trapped Hyrule Castle underneath the Great Sea, Zelda does what a Zelda should do. And what is that? Well, it’s delightfully winking at him and declaring it’s time to say goodbye to this ridiculous jail. Tetra’s identical wink should’ve told us this was coming.

8. She Reunites with Link (Skyward Sword)

While Skyward Sword may not be everyone’s favorite Zelda game, Zelink shippers have to admit this game gave them a huge chunk of evidence for their relationship. SS is one of the only games where you have a good reason to save Zelda. After Link conquers the dungeons all to be with his beloved Zelda once again, they hold their hands in complete love in their tear-jerking reunion. No other Zelda game can recreate Link’s perfect smile in this one moment, passionately looking at his destined partner after a long journey… and a lot of Ghirahim encounters.

7. She High-Fives Link (Spirit Tracks)

Oh, high fives exist in Zelda? In the one game where Link and Zelda are genuine equals, Spirit Tracks, the two BFFs high five each other after a mission well done. The way they smile at each other and high-five all while winking is just precious. Hopefully they’ll revisit this moment in Breath of the Wild 2 – yes, Zelda is pretty miserable right now, but she has to make room for just one high-five. Just do it, Zelda.

6. Marin and Link See Each Other Again (Link’s Awakening)

Yes, Marin isn’t technically Zelda, but she still counts as Link’s mental representation of her. After Koholint Island sadly disappears, along with Marin’s true body, Link looks up into the sky to see the Wind Fish… and Marin. She only appears if you have completed the game and reached the end credits with zero deaths. Out of all of the residents of Koholint, Link happily sets his eyes upon Marin’s “spirit” hovering in the sky. There’s just something about this moment that brings out the heart of Link’s Awakening.

5. She Greets Link After 100 Years (Breath of the Wild)

We all know the story of how Zelda sacrificed her powers to 100 years of sealing Ganon, right? Good. Then you can experience the tears of her reunion with Link after they’ve defeated him together. In the Hylian sunshine, as Hyrule Castle’s battle-weary flag still stands tall, Zelda smiles at Link for the first time since the Calamity struck. The line we will always remember: “Do you really remember me?” *sniff* Get me a tissue, please. Oh, wait, there’s more. (Post-credits, guys!)

4. She Plans to Rebuild Hyrule (Breath of the Wild)

Here’s the post-credits scene I was just talking about. Zelda and Link look over Hyrule with their matching blue adventure outfits and the Sheikah Slate, discussing the plan to rebuild Hyrule and check up on Zora’s Domain. This moment proves that Urbosa’s comment about Zelda holding her head high through even the deepest tragedies is correct.

Keep in mind the young 17-year-old princess (she didn’t age while sealing Ganon) just lost her only family, Urbosa, and the Champions. But through all this, she acts in the same studious, jolly way she did before the Calamity struck at all, and even gives Link a big genuine smile at the end of the cutscene.

3. She Sends Link Back in Time (Ocarina of Time)

Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest – and most heartbreaking – Zelda games of all time. And the heartbreaking part comes from the ending. The compassionate Zelda, who has grown feelings for Link over the course of the game, chooses to send Link back in time to relive his lost childhood without having to save Hyrule in the meantime, regardless of how much she wants to stay with him in her own timeline.

The moment she tells Link to hand over the Ocarina of Time and plays it to let him grow up in normalcy is the moment she breaks them up for Link’s good. No one wants to be sent on a quest to save a huge land at 10 years old, and Zelda fully understands that.

2. Sheik Reveals Herself (Ocarina of Time)

One of Zelda’s most iconic moments has got to be the Sheik reveal. Throughout the Adult Link portion of Ocarina of Time, Sheik continually guides Link and gives him new main objectives along his journey. She also rescues some of the Sages so they can fulfill their destinies. But Sheik had always been defined as a male – after all, she really looks like one in costume – up until the ending, that is. The red-eyed Sheik we’ve known suddenly transforms into the beautiful Princess Zelda before setting Link off to his childhood.

Not only is this a shocking reveal, but it also proves Zelda can evade Ganondorf and all of Hyrule’s monsters on her own… if she utilized her Sheik self. So yes, technically, we wouldn’t have to save her in every single game if she was a ninja instead.

1. She Saves Link (Breath of the Wild)

For once, Zelda saves Link! In BOTW’s 13th memory, “Zelda’s Awakening,” Link uses his last breath to protect the princess. However, it’s not enough, as a Guardian takes its aim at the “dead” Link and a dormant Zelda. Well, not dormant for long, that is. The damsel-in-distress we’ve known for years now is springing forward and activating her stubborn sealing power at last, shutting off the Guardian before it can kill Link, all because of her love for him. She then entrusts him to the Sheikah warriors to bring him to the Shrine of Resurrection, places the Master Sword in its pedestal, and goes to fight Ganon on her own. Atta girl!

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