10 Zelda Characters That Would Make Great Companions

Who doesn’t want Link as their best friend?

Everyone wants Zelda characters to come to real life. Some of them play pivotal roles, both good and bad, in Link’s life and would do the same for us. But the question is, which ones? While no one wants someone like Ganon in the world wreaking havoc on Earth, there are others that would make really great companions. Here are 10 of them.

10. King of Red Lions (Wind Waker)

Regardless of how strange a talking dragon-headed boat is, it still would be pretty cool to have one for yourself in real life. The King of Red Lions is the vehicle Link uses to sail across the Great Sea in Wind Waker and simultaneously acts as his loyal companion. The boat also provides valuable guidance to Link that, fortunately, doesn’t cross the line to become annoying. It even comes prepared with a bomb cannon just for shouting “Fire!” at your pirate enemies.

9. Ezlo (Minish Cap)

Ezlo, the literal Minish Cap that Link wears in the game of the same name, is quite a companion. He gives Link helpful tips when he’s stuck while allowing him to change sizes. Who doesn’t want that ability? That means you can become the size of an ant and grow back to your normal size effortlessly with Ezlo’s help. Plus, you’re making a serious fashion statement by sporting this cap. Now you can’t stop yourself from admitting an advice-giving, fashionable, and size-changing Zelda cap is just awesome.

8. Marin (Link’s Awakening)

Marin is an adorable, humble villager girl who even Link genuinely fell for. She’s a fun date friend and has a kind yet silly personality that’s easy to get along with. I mean, she lifts up the Trendy Games manager and frowns when you whack the chickens? That’s just perfect. And she’s friends with talking animals? Even better! This makes it all the more heartbreaking when she disappears along with the rest of Koholint Island at the end of Link’s Awakening.

7. Daruk (Breath of the Wild)

As one of BOTW’s four Champions and the mightiest of the Gorons, Daruk may initially seem like an overwhelmingly massive and strong character. However, he is actually an extremely friendly, happy-go-lucky guy who is a foodie at heart and a fun pal to have around. While he does give some extra-hard pats on the back, I’m sure everyone wants someone like Daruk to accompany them on a trip. He has his special protection power, too, and some handy Goron strength to protect you, too! Just make sure not to show him a puppy. Just… don’t.

6. Medli (Wind Waker)

It’s hard not to see why Medli easily makes a great companion. She is an extremely responsible and hard-working person, who, as a very young girl, already serves her purpose well as the dragon Valoo’s attendant. Even with all of her duties and high status among the Rito, Medli still retains her kindness and friendliness in her heart. She proved this when she agreed to go with Link in the Earth Temple even though she doubted her new wings, all because of her desire to help. Plus, bringing her along for the ride means she can help you fly! If there’s one thing we’ve learned playing Zelda, flying is the best method of travel.

5. Urbosa (Breath of the Wild)

If Urbosa was able to foster Princess Zelda herself and become a best friend of many around her, there’s no way she couldn’t be a good companion for you. She always puts others above herself and acts maturely even in the face of great danger. This doesn’t stop her from showing her silly side, though. As the “Urbosa’s Hand” memory shows, she can pull off clever pranks at the appropriate time. Urbosa is the kind of person who would act like a kind, fun mother towards you, almost like she actually is one.

4. Sidon (Breath of the Wild)

There’s a reason Zora’s Domain has a “Prince Sidon’s Fan Club” of its own. Look no further for that reason than Sidon’s charm, friendliness, and boundless optimism. He’s also the perfect person to bring along for a journey across Hyrule, always reminding you of the bright side of things while helping you at every opportunity. While Sidon’s royal duties may prevent him from going on a dream outing with you, just know that if he could, he would, and you could finally meet your in-game crush.

3. Mipha (Breath of the Wild)

Coming right along with Prince Sidon is his beloved sister, Princess Mipha of the Zora. First of all, she has a healing power. Who doesn’t want a healer coming along with them on an adventure? Your wounds could be healed for free and magically, which is quite the prime treatment. And second, Mipha is quite the sweetheart. Like with Link, the little Zora Champion treats everyone around her with utmost love and gentleness, respecting others’ personal boundaries and even getting pleasantly dreamy at times. She’s also not overly chatty, so you won’t have to tell her to stay quiet.

2. Epona (Ocarina of Time)

Yes, Epona is a character. She remains Link’s trusty horse companion across multiple Zelda games and makes Link completely invincible to attacks while riding her. On top of this, she is the fastest method of transportation in the game that never backs down from galloping across even the most dangerous parts of Hyrule. Having Epona in real life would be even more of a complete dream! With her, you can travel safely and quickly nearly anywhere. She also has a bold temperament that makes her stand out from other horses.

1. Link (Breath of the Wild)

At the top of this list comes no other than Link, the hero of Hyrule and Princess Zelda’s loyal knight. After you get him to open up to you, he’ll reveal that he actually loves cooking and exploring: two enjoyable activities that many real-life people love. Spending the day with Link would both be a safe and fun experience. Once you realize who he is underneath his stiff exterior and he grows a bond with you, he won’t leave your side and will protect you at all costs, not only for his sworn duty.

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