Ranking All of BOTW’s Bosses by Difficulty

Sorry, you can’t pet Ganon.

Some of Breath of the Wild‘s bosses are actually straight up challenging to beat, like Thunderblight Ganon and Calamity Ganon., but others… not so much. Here is every main boss in the game ranked least to most difficult!

8. Dark Beast Ganon

Dark Beast Ganon is Breath of the Wild‘s final boss, and ironically, the one boss that doesn’t attack you. He appears to shoot out a long, deadly pink laser, but you’ll soon realize that this attack actually doesn’t do anything. If you stand in its way, you’ll be completely unharmed and free to use the Bow of Light to shoot its glowing areas. As if to make the final boss fight even easier, the bow is equipped with infinite ammo, and the glowing areas are huge. Ganon is almost trying to let Link defeat him.

7. Master Kohga

Well, Master Kohga does something. He is the boss of the Yiga Clan Hideout and mostly specializes in throwing his spiky metal balls at Link. However, once you realize that these balls can be picked up by the Magnesis rune and used against Kohga, the fight becomes significantly easier. All it really takes is decent skill in using Magnesis and a good long-ranged bow. Nice try, Kohga, can you really defeat Link if you defeat yourself? Go eat some of your favorite Mighty Bananas and try again, if you dare.

6. Fireblight Ganon

Fireblight Ganon is easily the weakest Blight Ganon out of all four of them. First of all, dealing damage will knock him right to the ground and keep him in a “resting” position for long enough to unleash a two-handed weapon combo. And, second of all, the fireballs are nothing! Running away from them with enough stamina should not be at all difficult. Even his second phase can be easily finished once you realize that bombs will do the trick.

5. Waterblight Ganon

Waterblight Ganon’s second phase is basically the only hard thing about battling him. Due to Link’s slow swimming speed, he may have trouble boarding the platforms Waterblight summons. Other than that, the Blight’s weapon is extremely slow, the Cryonis blocks can be cracked similarly to the outside rehearsal with Prince Sidon, and even ordinary arrows work wonders against this enemy. Being more difficult than Fireblight doesn’t mean he is difficult.

4. Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon is one of the two hardest Blights, and don’t judge me for saying that. He’s not really that hard, but he makes it feel like more of a boss fight than just another thing to get done with. None of the other Blights can rapid-fire lasers like he can, and his tornadoes can do serious damage if not dodged properly. And handling the web of lasers and torpedoes in his second phase is another problem. Parrying/perfect guarding won’t do much to redirect the projectiles back at Windblight, which makes it even more frustrating – if you’re going to face him, make sure to stock up on arrows and have a powerful bow in hand. It’ll count.

3. Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon is considered the hardest Blight by many players and critics alike. He’s also the fastest, with his lightning movement speed, and those without shock-resistant armor will instantly suffer from his shock attacks. (Dropping your weapons is never fun.) Those huge metal pillars that drop from the sky can also prove to be deadly if you stand too close to them; Thunderblight will send lightning to affect a small radius around each pillar. Staying calm, equipping powerful weapons (one-handed weapons are superior to heavier two-handed ones, since they can counterattack the Blight’s speed), and elevating your reflexes are the literal only way to champion this boss.

2. Calamity Ganon

Calamity Ganon, being the one responsible for killing the Champions, taking over the Divine Beasts, and draining Zelda’s power for 100 years, was actually a pretty lame boss – if you completed all four dungeons, the Champions will help to remove half of Ganon’s health bar. He is (slightly) more difficult to beat than the Blights, though. He will employ tactics his Blights gave away, such as Windblight’s tornadoes and Fireblight’s unbreakable shield, making him essentially a combination of all of them. As long as you don’t overreact and panic, though, you can best the Calamity and save Princess Zelda once again. Yay! (Here comes the easiest boss…)

1. Monk Maz Koshia

Surprisingly, Monk Maz Koshia is harder than Calamity Ganon himself. He has the unique ability to clone himself, and like Ganon, imitates the Blights. Another one of Koshia’s strong points is his long-ranged attacks. He can float in the air and aim all kinds of elemental arrows at you, then emerge as a giant version of himself rampaging over the battlefield. He’s also the only boss in the entire game who has four phases rather than two, but all this added difficulty fortunately shouldn’t blind you from the ironic fun of the battle. The reward is also a worthy one, even if you find the battle extremely challenging: the one and only Master Cycle Zero. No more taming horses or walking across Hyrule, you can now dirtbike your way around in Sheikah style! It’s not a picky eater, either. When it runs out of fuel, give it your least valuable monster parts for fuel, and its tank will already be filled up substantially.

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