WandaVision Episode 3 Spoilers, Review, & Breakdown: A Pregnancy in Color

Yep, Wanda’s pregnant, but way too fast. WandaVision’s Episode 3 gave the viewers a ride of humor and also more reality uncovered than any other previous episode, bringing home the fun of The Brady Bunch and That 70’s Show to emphasize that it’s definitely a sitcom breezing through the decades. Who knew MCU characters could be so lighthearted on screen? 

For you who have not watched WandaVision, here’s a big SPOILER ALERT! This episode reveals events from Episode 3, 1, 2, and 6. 

The episode begins with a super catchy theme song named “We’ve Got Something Cooking” – you can see all the lyrics here: https://genius.com/Kristen-anderson-lopez-sara-mann-jessica-rotter-cindy-bourquin-elyse-willis-laura-dickinson-robert-lopez-eric-bradley-greg-whipple-and-jasper-randall-we-got-something-cooking-lyrics. Lines like “together, one plus one is more than two” and “together, one plus one is family” and even the title itself foretell the complications caused by Wanda’s pregnancy. 

Easter Egg: Instead of The Brady Bunch’s rectangle frames for each member of the family, they’re hexagons in WandaVision’s model of it. What does this mean? Well, in the comics, Wanda is described to have “hex powers” as one of the mutants. The sitcom world is also named “the Hex” by astrophysicist Darcy Lewis in Episode 6 due to it being shaped like a hexagon. 

Wanda, Vision, and a new character named Dr. Stan Nielsen are in their new 70s-themed home. As you remember from Episode 2, Wanda had just become pregnant, but how so fast? Anyway, the doctor doesn’t seem too smart. The only thing he really tells Wanda and Vision about the accelerated pregnancy is that Wanda is “definitely pregnant”. Isn’t that obvious already? 

Then, Mr. Nielsen starts to talk about the size of the baby at the different stages, relating it to fruit (?). Nervous as she should be, Wanda doesn’t exactly know what to say when anything about her pregnancy is mentioned. And here comes the humor. 

After the doctor’s departure, Wanda goes into the kitchen, but now her belly has gotten even larger! It’s, in fact, so large that it knocks over a fruit in the kitchen (directly connected to Dr. Nielsen’s description of the baby’s size compared to fruit). Super Vision comes to the rescue with his super speed (wait, did he have super speed in any of the MCU movies? We think it might be to remind Wanda of Quicksilver, her speedy brother.), catches the falling fruit, and last but not least, gives her a joke: “I can’t wait to become a proud papaya.” Get it? Papa-ya! 

Apparently, two months have already passed in an hour. It’s the sixth month now, and Wanda feels the first kick from her baby! Wow! But, there’s a problem: Wanda and Vision can’t decide on a name. “Tommy” is Wanda’s pick since she again tries to fit in with an all-American name for her child. Fun fact: The name actually means “twin”, predicting that there will be twin sons! On the other hand, Vision insists on “Billy”. I guess it’s a good thing that there were two children. Why? So they don’t have to keep arguing about which one actually got chosen for the baby. In the end, both picks will turn out to become official. 

Easter Egg: Billy and Tommy are the names of Wanda and Vision’s children in the comic series Young Avengers. They are both superpowered in the comics, one with telepathic powers (Billy) and the other with super speed inherited from Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff (Tommy). 

Hearing a saw’s brum-brum-brum in your backyard really does attract your attention, doesn’t it? It did for Vision. Outside is friendly neighbor Herb… chopping the wall? Um, you missed the shrubs! Vision decides to tell him, but to no avail: Herb does respond but continues to happily slice into the concrete wall around Vision’s house. If you want to read more about the possible reason why Herb was acting so strangely, keep a lookout for a future Galactic Podcast article: WandaVision: Why Herb Was Cutting The Wall In Episode 3. 

Inside the house, something absolutely weird happens. Vision re-enters, eats some fruit (another one of many references to the “fruit” conversation with the doctor), then sits with Wanda on the couch. Apparently, Wanda is starting to get painful contractions since she’s entering the third trimester during another hour. Vision sits with her on the sofa but has now become suspicious: “I think something’s wrong, Wanda,” he says anxiously. She doesn’t like it? Of course she doesn’t like it. As a matter of fact, she hates anyone breaking reality to her that she rewinds the scene (yes, that glitch was intentional) back to her normal conversation with her husband. 

More contractions? Yes, Wanda, this is pregnancy. This one is a real one, causing the entire neighborhood’s power to flicker, rain inside the house, and the pictures to go spinning super fast. (This denotes again that Wanda is the one controlling the town.) But Wanda isn’t ready to reveal the real world to Vision yet. As an excuse for the indoor rainstorm, she tells him that her “water just broke”. 

Easter Egg: In fear, Wanda and Vision strike a pose, ready to attack the source of the odd events caused by Wanda’s contractions. Hey comic readers, does this look familiar? It should if you read “The Vision and the Scarlet Witch”. The front cover shows Wanda and Vision (also with Vision on the left and Wanda on the right) posing the exact same way, just without a terrified expression. And the outfits were different. 

Cut to the commercial! Today, WandaVision presents to us…. a bath powder? How does this make any sense? However, it gets a little closer to reality by telling us which company’s selling the product: Hydra! It might be connected to Episode 2’s commercial with Strucker’s watches. Keep in mind that Hydra was the organization that used Wanda and her brother Pietro as test subjects of the Mind Stone. 

The propaganda of Hydra Soak has a much deeper meaning than any of the advertisements so far. In fact, it ties directly to Wanda and her feelings. A stressed-out mother sighs as a voiceover dreamily says, “Come with me. Escape to a world all your own, where your problems just float away.” Clearly, the mother just wants to get a break from tedious everyday work and have some time to herself…. just like Wanda! Since she’s also entering motherhood, she also wants to escape to the world that she owns, Westview, as her misery and issues simply vanish.

The servants fanning the lady in the tub could also represent the townspeople doing everything to please Wanda. They’re basically serving her, if you think about it. 

Easter Eggs: The soap bar that the bath powder is contained inside looks a lot like the Tesseract, also a blue cube with the Power Infinity Stone at its center. In Age of Ultron, the artifact was kept with Hydra to try to keep it away from the Avengers’ constant searching. On top of that, look closely at the print on the box: it’s not all solid blue!  There are octopus patterns – Hydra’s official symbol! 

While Vision is at work, neighborly “Geraldine” enters the house as Wanda abruptly tries to hide her pregnancy with a coat. (We’re going to be calling her Monica Rambeau from now on since Geraldine could get confusing.) So, Wanda pulls a coat over her bulging tummy and greets Monica nervously. It’s hard to hide your pregnancy when you’re going to give birth in only a few minutes – isn’t it, Wanda? As a giant stork appears out of nowhere (signaling that Wanda’s almost ready to deliver since storks are symbols of newborn babies), Monica starts talking about a story regarding her and her boss, and Wanda attempts to make the bird disappear with a scarlet (?!) poof of magic. 

After the story, Wanda gets up from the couch but uses a bowl of – you guessed it, fruit – this time to hide her pregnancy again. Monica then accidentally walks into the baby’s room, breaking the secret, just as Wanda starts getting a GIANT contraction and decides it’s time to deliver her babies. 

Getting to the big part, Wanda gives birth and Vision literally hurries home with his super speed (and Dr. Nielsen on his back). Just as they arrive back to the house, he sees Monica with baby Tommy in her arms. Vision is about to kiss his wife but…. something else interrupts him from doing so. Suddenly, Wanda starts screaming again and realizes she has another baby on its way: Billy! In one day, 40 weeks have passed and two babies have been delivered. 

Easter Egg: On the way out of the Vision residence, Dr. Nielsen remarks to human Vision, “You know, small towns are so hard to… escape.” Yes, we think this is another clue to what’s going on in WandaVision. Westview is in fact a small town. And Wanda is likely to have control over everything and preventing everyone from escaping. Dr. Nielsen might just be breaking free of the illusion and trying to tell the truth to Vision! 

Outside, Vision once again sees friendly Herb near the shrubs. (At least he’s not cutting the wall this time!) Nosy neighbor Agnes, again with her suspicious Agatha Harkness brooch, seems to have a little gossip with each other about Geraldine aka Monica Rambeau. When Vision appears, Herb starts to say something: “She came here because we’re all…” What? Agnes immediately cuts him off and taps him into a spell before walking off with a meme-worthy wink. Seriously, that one single scene is taking over the Internet at super speed. 

We spent enough time talking about the outdoor scene, what about what’s going on indoors? Wanda sings a lullaby to her twin babies, but then stops humming in a foreign language when she decides to tell Monica that she was also a twin. And then Monica does something shocking. 

“He was killed by Ultron, right?” 

Wanda hears the sentence loud and clear, asks Monica to repeat her words again, but this only leads to anxious attempts to cover over what she had just said. But Wanda doesn’t fall for the trick. (Really, Monica, did you have to bring this up? What were you thinking?) Conjuring up her scarlet force fields, she calls Monica an intruder right before she blasts her out of the house. And, basically, out of Westview. 

Easter Eggs: Wanda’s twin brother Pietro Maximoff was actually killed by Ultron in the franchise. Also, the foreign language that Wanda sings to her babies in is Sokovian – her homeworld Sokovia’s language! 

The last scene explains where Monica went after being thrust out of Wanda’s sitcom. At first, there’s an empty plain, and then something goes hurtling through the air. It’s a person; it’s Monica Rambeau! A wall of what looks like TV static starts to appear out of nowhere and Monica touches down onto the fields below. What’s going on with the remaining red force fields surrounding her body? Of course it’s Wanda’s powers, telling us exactly what happened in the scenes removed. Landing on the ground hard, cars begin to drive towards her and a helicopter shines a beam of light in her direction. The last words: “It’s all….Wanda.”

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