Was Elizabeth Olsen Ever in Full House?

Lately, the big thing that’s making 32-year-old Elizabeth Olsen so famous is her role in Marvel Studios’ new sitcom miniseries WandaVision as the main character, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. Not only did the show refresh our love of Marvel and sitcoms at once (who ever predicted sitcoms would even be associated with an action/adventure franchise?), but it also brought back memories of the show Olsen’s older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in: Full House, that 1980s sitcom full of funny family moments. 

That brings us to the big question: Did Elizabeth Olsen ever play a role in Full House herself? Since she grew up on the set, there just had to be at least a cameo appearance from little Lizzie. At least one….

WandaVision Episode 5 paid tribute to Full House 

Due to WandaVision’s fifth episode staying in an 80s-early 90s setting, Full House was one of the few sitcoms the installment modeled after, the others being Growing Pains, Family Ties, and Married…with Children. Subtle details beginning from the intro (even the song is totally 80s sitcom-appropriate!) begin to echo key moments from Full House: the picnic scene with 5-year-old Billy and Tommy with their unusual parents Wanda and Vision, the living room’s appearance, etc. 

Even Elizabeth Olsen confessed that filming WandaVision reminded her of visiting the set of Full House! “We have a wink to Full House, but it’s mostly a Family Ties reference that episode,” the actress said to the news source Access Hollywood, “that was most of their inspiration for that specific episode, but we do wink a bit. You can’t not wink – it was a very big show!”

Did Elizabeth Olsen ever appear in Full House

Yes, she did! However, Elizabeth only played a very minor role in the show: a cameo in the finale. Compared to her big sisters’ shared role of Michelle Tanner, it isn’t much, but can’t we already be content by Googling pictures of the Olsen sisters as children? They simply can’t get off the Internet with their adorable photos together. 

And who knew this cute baby, Elizabeth Olsen, would turn into a MCU superstar whose character is now dubbed ‘Strongest Avenger’?

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