5 Best Moments from WandaVision (& 5 Worst)

Being arguably the greatest streaming series on Disney+, WandaVision was simply a MCU masterpiece. It also couldn’t stop thinking out of the box! Here are the top 5 moments we especially treasure from the show (& 5 we said eh about). 

  1. Best: Wanda Transforming into the Scarlet Witch as a Connection to Doctor Strange 2 

The big reveal in WandaVision’s finale was Wanda receiving the full title of Scarlet Witch, made complete with a bewitching costume (nearly everyone was obsessed with it over social media!), and beat Agatha Harkness before turning her back into “Agnes”. Sorry, Westview, you’re going to be getting a nosy neighbor barging through your door now… On Wanda’s end, we hope to see a lot more of her powers in Doctor Strange 2

  1. Worst: Agatha Sucks Dark Magic

Episode 8 was all flashbacks: mostly for Wanda, but one for the centuries-old witch Agatha Harkness. It showed Agatha captured by witches of her own coven, following the comic storyline of her supposedly surviving being “burned at the stake”. But whose power is stronger than ropes and poles? It’s been Agatha all along! Breaking free, she sucks the other witches’ powers – and a dead witch’s brooch – in a horrifying scene. 

  1. Best: A Newlywed Couple

WandaVision episode 1 kickstarted the show beautifully, to say the least. Wanda and Vision’s outfits are stunning, the graceful walk inside the house interrupted by Vision dropping Wanda on the front porch was a humorous sequence (matched with the Lopez couple’s catchy tunes, it was even better), and the intro’s final moments lovelily come to a close with the lyrics, “Wan-daVis-ion!”. Can we ever get enough of this newlywed couple’s love story? 

  1. Worst: The Creepy Beekeeper

Sure, the entire thing was explained in Episode 4 and the “beekeeper” turned out to be some S.W.O.R.D. guy in a hazmat suit, but the drama? Unnecessary. Using up precious minutes to show Wanda and Vision’s traumatized faces isn’t a required addition to such a great show like WandaVision

  1. Best: Wanda’s Speedy Pregnancy

Episode 3 showed Wanda’s funny and extremely accelerated pregnancy – if you don’t call 40 weeks passing in one single day, I don’t know what’s speedy to you – and the beginning of parenthood for Wanda and Vision. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany absolutely nail their roles here once again – also congrats to Jac Schaeffer for writing this marvelously! The ‘70s have officially landed. 

  1. Worst: When All of Those “Mutant Pietro” Theories Were Proven Wrong

Forget Mephisto, fans had a much more reasonable answer to Fake Pietro’s true identity: Fox’s version of Quicksilver a.ka. Peter Maximoff as a mutant! Evan Peters wasn’t unfamiliar with the role of the Maximoff big brother – just not as Pietro but instead Peter – so fans exploded with theories that the MCU was welcoming mutants for the first time. Unfortunately, the mysterious Pietro turned out to be nothing more than Ralph, a random guy in Westview, disappointing many eager people waiting for him to be revealed as Fox’s Quicksilver. 

  1. Best: Agatha All Along

“Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha All Along!” That’s basically what we think of when someone gives us the keyword “WandaVision Song”. (Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, how did you do it?!) The big reveal of Agatha – not Mephisto and not Nightmare and not Swarm, wow, that’s a lot of villain speculations – as the Big Bad of WandaVision was awesome. And added on top of Kathryn Hahn singing Agatha’s lines… Can we complain about “Agatha All Along”? Nope. It’s catchy all along. 

  1. Worst: Eastview Makes Completely No Sense

While WandaVision left many plot holes for future movies to fill in, the mystery of Eastview was one that didn’t show itself to be a big deal or worth even mentioning. The local cops from the neighboring city claim to Jimmy Woo that they can’t see the Hex at all while the Westview peeps could. Confusing, right? Bringing in such a strange ambiguity was quite out of the blue for Episode 4’s S.W.O.R.D. story. 

  1. Best: Seeing Vision’s Goofy Side

Vision has never been a funny guy. His lines in the other MCU movies have always been limited, and when he is talking, all he says is statistical and logical – but WandaVision completely twisted that! Now, Wanda’s Vision is actually quite goofy, too naive at times (not even knowing what he does at work?), and a loving hubby to Wanda at the same time. This just enhances Wanda and Vision’s wonderful chemistry both on-screen and as actors! 

   10.  Worst: Grasping the Magic Aspect Too Much

It’s obvious that the MCU was never supposed to be a magic-focused franchise, but Phase 4 decided to start out differently with WandaVision. Followed by Doctor Strange 2 and Eternals, WV introduced the sorcery aspect as a major thing – it essentially forced it upon the MCU without any predecessors following that theme. Dark magic, chaos magic, Eldritch magic…haven’t we had enough of it already?

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