5 Reasons Why Barriss Offee Could Be the Seventh Sister

Since The Clone Wars’ season 5 and Star Wars: Rebels, fans have wondered, “What became of Barriss Offee?” The respectful Jedi Padawan became disillusioned with the Jedi Council’s dark ways under the rule of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, leading her to bomb the Temple to frame her friend Ahsoka Tano. But did Barriss go so far to become the clever Inquisitor Seventh Sister? Here are 5 reasons why we think so. 

  1. Seventh Sister’s Goal Was Killing Ahsoka Tano 

Barriss’ hate for Ahsoka since The Clone Wars could have led to her strong desire to hunt down and kill her as an adult. Consumed by her hate and rage, she could have been forced to join the Empire, work for Darth Vader (who might have been the only one with knowledge of Ahsoka’s coordinates), and become a leading Inquisitor. Because of Barriss’ connections to Ahsoka, Vader may have chosen her over other Inquisitors to complete the mission of destroying his former Padawan. 

  1.  Both Mirialan 

The biggest clue to the Barriss Offee/Seventh Sister fan theory is that both characters are of the same species: Mirialan. Taking on notable features of the Mirialan species, both Barriss and the Seventh Sister have diamond-shaped facial markings and a dark lime green skin color. So, since both individuals are of the same species, could Barriss actually be the Seventh Sister hiding her original Jedi name (just as Vader claims not to be Anakin)? 

  1. All Inquisitors Originated in the Jedi Order 

Yes, it’s true! From the Grand Inquisitor starting off as a Jedi Temple Guard to Second Sister being Jedi Trilla Suduri, every single member of Inquisitorius actually started off as members of the Jedi – another name for them was Fallen Jedi. Due to this pattern holding true, which Jedi could Seventh Sister be? The most likely candidate is Barriss Offee since the only other known Mirialan Jedi was Luminara Unduli, who never turned to the dark side. 

  1. Barriss Turned Dark in Clone Wars 

Similar to the beginning path of other Inquisitors, Barriss had shaken herself out of the Jedi mindset and “accidentally” replaced it with a Sith one. However, her reasoning was different: instead of developing a lust for power and then turning bad, she realized that the Jedi ways were becoming an “army fighting for the dark side” and “fallen from the light we once held so dear”. In a certain perspective, Barriss is right – the Jedi had fallen apart under the Emperor in disguise as an innocent Supreme Chancellor. 

And what happened afterwards? In an off-screen moment, the Padawan in prison could have broken out and slowly became the Inquisitor Seventh Sister. 

  1. Anakin Was In The Coruscant Jedi Temple During Order 66 

Ah, yes, the moment all of us Star Wars fans remember…. Revenge of the Sith. Anakin slaughtering younglings, ordering the numerous clone troops to Mustafar only to assassinate the Separatists leaders, and breaking Padme’s heart before choking her…why is ROTS so sad? Anyway, back to Barriss now. Since Anakin did invade the Coruscant Jedi Temple, he could have passed by the prison zone and remembered his difficult duel with Offee in Clone Wars season 5….  Now that his mind was fully brainwashed by the Emperor and he is now crowned “Lord Vader”, he must have said, “Oh hey, Barriss must be a valuable asset to the new Empire!” And she definitely could be. It’s very possible that Anakin decided to free her from her cell, letting her take on a new role as the Seventh Sister – one of the best Inquisitors in the ranks – as a benefit of working for his master Palpatine.

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