5 Characters Who Would Be Great Sith

Ready to go cross-franchise? The MCU and Star Wars combine as we list 5 Marvel characters who would be great in Sith positions. Here they are! 

  1. Wanda Maximoff: Loses Control of Her Emotions Very Often

Wanda has proved herself to be quite a hero over the years, but it has also become clear that she loses control of her emotions very, very often. These feelings of extreme pain, grief, and anger (those are all Dark Side seeds right there already) were the culprits of the Hex’s creation after all! Due to having a traumatic past and losing all who were close to her – similar to Anakin losing his mother and Padmé – Wanda can easily be swayed to the Dark Side if it seems like it’s her only hope to save her family. 

  1. Peter Quill: Gives into Anger

Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord had a capacity for anger that he had never shown in the Guardians of the Galaxy films but in Infinity War. When he, Tony Stark, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Mantis are all working together to subdue Thanos, Quill breaks the teamwork by yelling at the Mad Titan’s face for information on Gamora’s whereabouts. Giving into anger? Very Sith-y. This was why Doctor Strange was forced to give Thanos the Time Stone in the end. 

  1. Tony Stark Was Selfish & Created a Weapons Company

Out of all company types, Tony Stark decided to specialize in creating weapons that could cause mass destruction worldwide. Not quite the hero, right? Despite now changing into a good-hearted Iron Man, the old version of himself would fit with a Sith’s ideal personality. His genius brain would also be great in planning attacks on the Rebels! 

  1. Black Widow Is Skilled in Fighting

Black Widow is not a top choice for a Sith Lord, but she would be a great acolyte: considering her tendency to go all into a cause without really thinking about it in detail first, Natasha isn’t out of the picture for this question. And adding her excellent fighting skills and cool weapons (those black widow bite wristlets are super useful!) – the Empire would really, really like her in their ranks. 

  1. 2014 Nebula Is Devoted to Thanos’ Cause 

2014 Nebula was merely Thanos’s pawn when working for him and Ronan the Accuser. While Gamora could come to her senses and leave him in Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula stayed with her adoptive father without questioning or doubting the benefit in his actions. Sith also never inquired of Palpatine’s purposes! This just makes Nebula a better candidate for an acolyte under a more powerful Sith Lord. Just like Black Widow’s deft weapon techniques, Nebula knows exactly how to use her dual swords to enhance her physical fighting abilities. 

Fun Fact: James Gunn envisioned Nebula as a Sith Lord in a May the Fourth Instagram comment!

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