It Wasn’t Agatha All Along in the Song’s Original Title

Apparently, it wasn’t Agatha all along in the song’s first title. 

The villainous witch pulled off her disguise at the end of Episode 7 in the Lopezes’ extremely catchy melody “Agatha All Along”. But was the song originally given this memorable name? 

Director Matt Shakman was responsible for working with the Lopezes on each of WandaVision’s intro jingles – of course including “Agatha All Along”! But, with new information, he confesses that the song’s title wasn’t always the same. Read what he said below: 

“Originally you had, ‘That’s So Agatha.’ [That] was sort of the idea for [the song]. I remember Kristen [Anderson-Lopez] saying, ‘We’ve been toying around with Agatha All Along.’ And we thought, great, awesome! Then we had several chats about what, exactly, Agatha had been doing all along so they could be more specific. Then I just remember that Munsters meets Oompa-Loompa song coming in…”

The first title Shakman had imagined for the song was “That’s So Agatha”. Not as great as “Agatha All Along,” right? (See, Kristen Anderson-Lopez comes up with awesome lyrics!) The Lopezes drew inspiration from multiple other shows such as The Addams Family and Munsters, bringing a group of male singers including Robert Lopez for the chorus parts and the genuine Kathryn Hahn for Agatha’s lines. 

“Agatha All Along” easily beat out all of the other WandaVision songs in catchiness once Episode 7 landed. Kathryn Hahn’s amazing performance on top of the unforgettable tune and creative title gave the melody popularity over social media, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Has any other TV show jingle risen to “Agatha All Along”’s fame in a matter of days? 

(answer: No!) 

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