Wanda May Have the Reality Stone’s Powers

So we know Wanda’s powers were activated by the Mind Stone, which, coincidentally, is the same Infinity Stone lodged in Vision’s forehead. 

But has the thought ever come to you that she could also have the Reality Stone’s powers? True, she had never been near the Stone in the comics or movies, but she may innately have the same abilities despite all this. 

Look familiar? Those who rewatched Infinity War after WandaVision could have caught onto the fact that the Reality Stone glowing looks a great deal like Wanda’s activated powers, and when Thanos slowly changed the reality, the red border resembled Wanda’s Hex enveloping Westview. 

Wanda also has very similar powers to the Stone: reality-warping. The Space Stone could manipulate the universe, the Time Stone reorganized chronological order, the Power Stone gave excessive power to the user, the Mind Stone could control minds, and finally, the Reality Stone had the ability to alter the fragile fabric of reality to the user’s benefit. (We’re still not exactly sure what the Soul Stone does, so that will be addressed later.) 

Other WandaVision characters with power colors aligning with Infinity Stones

Wanda’s not the only one with a signature power color matching with an Infinity Stone! Here are all of the other WandaVision characters who have abilities similar to the Stones’ hues. 

Agatha Harkness – Purple – Power Stone

Agatha’s magical powers are a notable violet color, the same as the Power Stone. What’s the Power Stone again? If you forgot, it’s the Infinity Stone that lets the user harness extreme power (hence its name). Agatha also has a very special ability that allows her to become more powerful than she could be by herself: sucking other characters’ powers (such as the other witches in her coven and Wanda). 

Vision – Yellow – Mind Stone

Okay, well, this one was super obvious! The Mind Stone is what keeps Vision alive and gives him his powers (such as lasers projecting out of his forehead, flight, density manipulation, etc.). But WandaVision gave the synthezoid a new ability he never possessed in the movies: super speed! (Who knows, this may be in remembrance of Pietro, but we’ll talk about that another time.) 

When Vision uses this new strength of his to perform household tasks, you’ll see that there’s a brief appearance of yellow energy trailing behind him to resemble the Mind Stone’s color. Much like his wife, his powers have the same color as the Stone representing his abilities. 

Monica Rambeau – Blue – Space Stone

Monica Rambeau’s eyes turned blue when she had landed inside of the Hex. What else had that signature sky blue color? Of course the Tesseract aka Space Stone, one of the Infinity Stones that dealt with the universe’s manipulation. It also gave the user the ability to teleport and change space (we’re looking at you, Carol Danvers).  Since Monica has a very closely knit bond with Captain Marvel, it would make sense if her color was blue just like the Space Stone that gave Carol her powers. Yes, if you had forgotten, Carol was a normal person brought into the Kree forces until she had exposure to the Tesseract.

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