5 Characters You Should Befriend (& 5 You Should Avoid)

As a matter of fact, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a diverse place to be. Not only do they hire cast members coming from many different backgrounds, the characters themselves have unique personalities from both the hero and villain sides. So, today, we’re going to show you 5 people of this vast franchise that are easy to befriend (& 5 you should totally avoid)! 

  1. Befriend: Jimmy Woo 

Last seen in WandaVision, Jimmy Woo’s a friendly FBI guy who will greet you with a smile on his face and a cheerful hello. Convinced yet? Well, another great thing is that he’s smart with a touch of humor, loyal to the core to his fellow agents – now that’s what I call a good friend with a cool personality! 

  1. Avoid: Wanda Maximoff 

Yes, I agree: Wanda’s a great character, but to befriend? I would say no. As the Scarlet Witch, she harnesses extreme power (she’s stronger than the Sorcerer Supreme aka Doctor Strange) that can easily eliminate people she doesn’t want. Fun Fact: she said “no more mutants” in the comics and then they all just disappeared! If you still feel like Wanda would be a great friend, recall what happened to Monica when she offhand brought up Ultron. 

  1. Befriend: Tony Stark 

I mean, what Marvel fan wouldn’t want to meet the real Iron Man? Tony Stark’s more than just a billionaire: even though he was a bit of a selfish brat in the first Iron Man film, he became the galaxy’s greatest hero and a tech genius. If I got to visit his workshop, I would be marveled by all those cool suits of armor! 

  1. Avoid: Thanos 

Anyone with even a tiny bit of intelligence will easily know that Thanos is one you should definitely steer clear of. There’s a reason why he’s called the Mad Titan: he’s mad (both definitions: insane and hotheaded) and he’s muscular like a titan. If you make one wrong move off of his side, he could easily crush your head or violently destroy your entire population. He doesn’t even care about his favorite daughter! Think about how much less he’ll care about you if you’re his friend. 

  1. Befriend: Falcon 

Sam Wilson knows how to make things fun. From silly nicknames like “Black Kid” in Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Episode 2 to simply being a good friend to Bucky, we can say that Falcon would make a great, loyal buddy to take along on any mission. Besides, he might even let you borrow his awesome jetpack! 

  1. Avoid: Gamora 

It’s easy to end up like Peter Quill when you first meet Gamora. At first, she looks harmless as she chews gum and leans against a wall casually, but then she could spin around to kick you in the face. This is definitely not love at first sight! 

  1. Befriend: Spider-Man 

This is so obvious: he’s specifically called “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”! When he’s not spinning webs and trying to live up to his mentor Tony Stark, Peter Parker’s basically a high school kid who’s super smart in chemistry class, happy to help his friends with their homework, and solves problems with his wits and acrobatic skills. Who doesn’t want a comedic Avenger on their side to lend a helping hand? 

  1. Avoid: The Incredible Hulk (Not Smart Hulk) 

When we say “not smart Hulk” we mean not the one with the clothes, the Hulk after he figured out how to control his muscles in Infinity War and Endgame. Before turning into “Smart Hulk”, he was a green giant who crushed cars with his anger being easily provoked. Talking about not befriending hotheads? Well, Hulk’s definitely one – Bruce Banner can immediately start to transform into his big muscular self and crush you instead of the truck driving down the road. 

  1. Befriend: Captain America 

Captain America’s become much more than just an American propaganda tool with Steve Rogers in the suit: loyalty, trust, and heroism are just his thing. He’s a hero that keeps his promises, too: in Endgame, he made sure all the Infinity Stones were in their right places…but he didn’t come back! Instead, he reunited with his girlfriend from Captain America: The First Avenger, Margaret “Peggy” Carter, to attend the dance he had vowed to years ago. 

  1. Avoid: Agatha Harkness 

Insidious, perfidious Agatha Harkness could turn her back on you at any time, capture your kids, and force you to learn witchcraft the hard way like what happened with Wanda. The best way out of this situation: Ignore Agatha completely – and don’t get caught in her trap by that catchy Agatha All Along song! 

As we stated earlier, the MCU is so diverse, and we agree that there are many other characters who you should befriend (such as Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau, Thor, Smart Hulk, Bucky Barnes, etc.) and also others you should avoid (such as Proxima Midnight, Ralph Bohner, and Tyler Hayward). But, for now, we have these 5 people on both sides: befriend and avoid!

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