Nexus Commercial Could Predict Doctor Strange 2’s Plot

One strange commercial, the last one featured in Episode 7, is centered on a product called Nexus Antidepressants. They seem perfect for Wanda’s grief! But what could the brand, “Nexus”, mean for the multiverse and Wanda’s future in Doctor Strange 2? Apparently, this interesting word refers to the Scarlet Witch herself in the comics.

Odd side effects…

Usually, drug tablets have normal side effects – but the Nexus Antidepressants seriously don’t. The narrator reads from the box that the results of taking the pills would be “feeling your feelings; confronting your truth; seizing your destiny; and possibly more depression.” Those are definitely NOT your normal drugs!

After the commercial and right before Monica’s arrival, Wanda actually takes one of the Nexus pills (yikes!), meaning she may experience some of the fateful side effects later on. Could the pill take action in Doctor Strange 2?

Wanda’s destiny in Doctor Strange 2

When reading from the Darkhold, Agatha educated Wanda a bit more about the Scarlet Witch: she’s supposedly a mythical figure “capable of spontaneous creation” destined to destroy the world. The Nexus commercial could tie into this, too: one of the side effects was “seizing your destiny.”

Destroying the world seems like a dreadful fate for Wanda! Why does this have to happen? Well, it’s not yet confirmed at all that she will truly seize her destiny like the Nexus ad predicts; Doctor Strange may stop her from embracing Chaos Magic before she causes an apocalypse. 

In the comics, Wanda was described as a “Nexus Being” – a person so powerful that she could affect the future of the multiverse drastically. However, they aren’t so free that they can do whatever they please: they’re supervised by a bigger firm…  The Time Variance Authority (TVA)! 

Another definition of the word “Nexus” in the MCU was the Nexus of All Realities: a mystical place in the Florida Everglades (of course all fictional) where all of the universes met together at one point. This proposes yet another possible meaning for the Nexus advertisement: the Nexus of All Realities being featured as a key location in Doctor Strange 2! If they really are to go here, they must follow the multiverse’s supervisors: the TVA. 

As all who watched the Loki trailer know, the TVA is the organization guarding the proper flow of time and have somehow captured Loki to get his help. But not only do they protect time…they also manage the multiverse! That’s a big job for one single group. 

The Time Variance Authority had created a special rule for the multiverse: one Nexus Being per universe as its protector. This falls in line with one of the narrator’s statements in the Nexus commercial as the pills would be used to “anchor you back to your reality or the reality of your choice.” Wanda is most likely unknowingly the protector of the regular dimension – yes, the one including Earth – meaning that it would fall apart without her. If she were to travel to another realm, she would have to have another Nexus Being replace her here on Earth to preserve the multiverse’s fragile balance. 

…Or not! Here comes a more villainous prediction for Wanda’s fate: she may accidentally use her Chaos Magic to enter the multiverse, confront Doctor Strange, and destroy the dimensions. So, instead of using her abilities as a Nexus Being for good, she would instead be controlled by her extreme grief to shatter the stability and run off to live in a perfect realm with her family. 

A tie-in to Loki? 

Now that we know the TVA is the big boss of the multiverse, it’s possible that WandaVision serves as a connection to both Loki and Doctor Strange 2. Wanda will most likely eventually embrace the fact that she is a powerful Nexus Being (considering that another side effect of the Nexus pills was “confronting your truth”). It’s up to her to choose whether she will use it for good or evil, though…

Loki releases on June 9, 2021 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on March 25, 2022!

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