Life Guidance: 7 Life Lessons to Learn from Wanda Maximoff

Here, we’re going to look at the usually misunderstood Wanda Maximoff, and 7 life lessons we can learn from her. 

  1. Don’t Let Bad People Tell You Who To Be 

During the climactic battle between Wanda and Agatha, Wanda finally accepts that she truly is the Scarlet Witch but rebukes Agatha for trying to transform her into the dedicated magic-user she clearly isn’t. The lesson: don’t let a bad person try to tell you who to be! The only change that should be going on inside of you is a change for the better.

  1. Family Is Forever 

Taken from one of her own quotes, one of the points emphasized in WandaVision was that family is forever. Even if they all disintegrate in the end and the mother winds up in isolation. The whole purpose why Wanda created the Hex was out of her grief over losing Vision, the love of her life, and her strong desire to grow her own family – her whole intentions were of love! 

  1. Self-Control Is Very Important 

One of the greatest life lessons to be learned from Wanda is that self-control is extremely necessary. What happened when she didn’t know how to control her Chaos Magic? Well, she trapped the entire town of Westview and became so immersed in her sitcom reality that she rejected the “real reality”. What happened when she used her anger against Thanos? She nearly killed him and destroyed his sword! Self-control, especially over your emotions, is very important as Wanda’s past actions show. 

  1. Fake Things Are Always Temporary 

The Hex is a great example of the fact that fake things never last forever. They’re bound to disappear or glitch out by the truth breaking through. No matter how hard Wanda tries to keep her false reality going, it can’t: even the strongest powers can’t forget reality! Staying with the truth is always the better choice over trying to maintain lies, no matter how good they can make you feel. All the “comfort” of fake things are fake! 

  1. Use Your Abilities For Good 

For a person like Wanda who wields extreme power, it’s important not to use those abilities given to you for bad. Want to know how to do this? Self-control is one great way to make sure that your powers are under control and being used for a good purpose! Really, discerning right from wrong doubled up with self-discipline makes for the best combo. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Humorous 

Despite it only being in the sitcom, Wanda knows how to be funny. Thought she would always be a depressed, solemn Sokovian woman? Think again after WandaVision! She’s also been funny outside of the show: in Civil War, she drops a comedic quote: “You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?” Funny way to bring up your telepathic powers. Don’t be scared to show your silly side! 

  1. Heroes Don’t Torture People 

Yes, Agatha Harkness did speak this line in WandaVision’s finale. But Wanda needs this guidance, and so do we: true heroes don’t torture people! They save people! Even though the creation of the Hex was all by accident, Wanda should have used her powers to reverse her terrible actions once she realized what she had done.

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