10 Characters That Could Be Featured in Loki

Loki‘s first episode was released this Wednesday, and it has become clear that the series is more than something only to bring attention to the God of Mischief: it’s a direct connection to Doctor Strange 2! From Miss Minutes’s explanation about “madness in the multiverse” (which is basically exactly what Doctor Strange 2‘s title, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, says) to all of the deep mystery and magic aspects, Loki may also feature some characters planned to appear in future MCU projects for helpful link-ups.

10. Peggy Carter: Fans Think They’ve Spotted Her in the TVA’s Halls

When Peggy Carter danced with a future Steve Rogers, she apparently unknowingly formed a new time branch off of the “sacred timeline” similar to Loki. And fans have spotted her in the TVA’s halls? It’s not for sure, but as Loki uses the time twister device to travel through one of the TVA’s rectangular portals, two minutemen are seen to be accompanying a woman down the halls as a prisoner. And that woman looks an awful lot like…well, Peggy Carter.

9. Odin: He Considers Loki His Son

Despite Loki being adopted from the Frost Giants, Odin thought of him as his true son equal to his biological son Thor. It’s a heartfelt father/son relationship that still stands throughout all of Loki’s doings as a trickster. 

Because the TVA has ultimate control over time, they could bring Odin back from the past somehow, but it’s still unlikely: to protect the sacred timeline, they shouldn’t jerk Odin out from his destiny – to peacefully pass away in Ragnarok – even if Loki really wants to see his daddy again. He could still come back to empower Loki in this interesting journey with the TVA (like he did to Thor when he was about to defeat Hela) through flashbacks, though…

8. Dormammu: Could He Return for Doctor Strange 2?

Dormammu easily fits into the “underused character” category and him breaking out of Doctor Strange’s time loop would be great for a finale post-credits scene. Could he be one of the culprits of this multiversal madness (besides Mordo)? Dormammu’s full potential has not yet been explored, given he only had a short amount of screen time in the first Doctor Strange film, so his return would be quite exciting overall. However, his appearance in Loki all depends on if Doctor Strange 2‘s storyline includes him.

7. Frigga: Loki Truly Loved His Mother

At first, Loki didn’t care much for anybody in his family – including his mother Frigga, even leading her toward the Dark Elves to be killed in Thor: The Dark World. But the Loki we watch in the Loki series starts to…cry in remorse when watching Frigga murdered! Meeting his mother again would shock Loki, making him insist that she had already died, but would also help him to open up his good side willingly. However, like Odin, the TVA pulling Frigga out from her destined path would defeat their purpose of protecting the sacred timeline, so the only valid way that she could show up would be through flashbacks (or as a ghost?). 

6. Mordo: He Would Be Perfect For a Finale Post-Credits Scene

Mordo is one of those characters who would be perfect to appear in a finale post-credits scene. Considering Loki‘s direct connection to Doctor Strange 2, the last scene of the series could show Mordo murdering sorcerers to show his change from hero to a multiversal threat. And added on top of Wanda’s Darkhold + astral form scene… people are going to get seriously hyped up for the upcoming film!

5. Korg & Miek: These Pals Make Everything Better

Korg and Miek are an unforgettable duo. Korg, voiced by Taika Waititi, is constantly easygoing in battle, while his slimy little friend can’t talk but is Korg’s perfect counterpart. Loki meeting his future friends would be quite interesting to see – keep in mind that this Loki variant is from 2012’s Avengers and before Ragnarok – so Korg and Miek’s long-awaited return could definitely happen in the Loki series. Adding humor always makes MCU movies better, right? (The answer has to be yes!)

4. Kid Loki: The MCU Is Setting Up Young Avengers

Remember how Loki is centered around variants of Loki? Yeah, Kid Loki could be one of them. The younger version of Loki was more heroic than the adult, leading to him joining the Young Avengers team. The MCU is clearly setting up the live-action version of the Young Avengers comic stories: Hawkeye will introduce Kate Bishop to replace the veteran Clint Barton, WandaVision already featured Billy (Wiccan) and Tommy (Speed), The Falcon & the Winter Soldier showed Eli Bradley as a teen, Doctor Strange 2 will include America Chavez, and Loki could insert one of its last members: Kid Loki! Seeing all different versions of Loki would be a creative and different take on action/adventure plots.

3. Lady Loki: Loki Was Said To Be Gender-Fluid

Loki was said to be gender-fluid, meaning that he isn’t determined to be male or female. This could signal to Lady Loki’s arrival: she would be considered another Loki variant by the TVA although she had never appeared in the MCU timeline yet (she’s solely featured in the comics). Does this mean that Lady Loki was the figure in the hooded cloak, and that she has already made her live-action debut? This is not for sure, but she may come out of her cover later on in the show’s 6-episode run.

2. Doctor Strange: This Could Be the Ultimate Doctor Strange 2 Connection

Obviously, Doctor Strange appearing in Loki would be the ultimate connection to Doctor Strange 2! We haven’t seen much of the Sorcerer Supreme since Endgame, with his planned WandaVision cameo wisely cut, so him appearing sooner than March 2022 (Doctor Strange 2‘s release date month) in Loki will surely be a thrilling surprise to fans everywhere. If he doesn’t, that would be pretty strange.

1. Kang the Conqueror: He Would Be an Excellent Villain for Loki

So many major clues have already pointed to Kang the Conqueror arriving in Loki! Ravonna Renslayer, Kang’s love interest in the comics, has been confirmed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw to have some “fight scenes” (with her comic superpowers she obtained from saving Kang?), the carved wooden head right behind Renslayer’s desk looks a lot like Kang (with his lips directly behind Ravonna’s head, possibly indicating them kissing), and Kang has previously been confirmed to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Good news, Kang fans: this all means that Kang the Conqueror is nearly certainly going to star in Loki

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