Ahsoka’s Stages – From Padawan to Fulcrum

Our new favorite Padawan from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, is here and we’re going to be talking about her changes of outfits and stages. And they matter. So, don’t take that change lightly.

Ahsoka as a young padawan. A creation by someone with a lego and a figurine.

And yes, we know that isn’t the best picture of Ahsoka, but this is her outfit in season 1-beginning of 3. Short lekku (stripe Togruta “hair”), a dark red crop-top, arm-wrist bands, short dark-red skirt, white leggings, and dark red boots don’t make for a stunning outfit. That’s because this is Ahsoka’s premature stage. She’s still growing. And she only has one green lightsaber. She’s also only a young Padawan while wearing this outfit that gives her orange pigmented skin very little cover. 

Ahsoka at comicon!

This may not be the grand picture of Ahsoka you were looking for, but here are two women with just the perfect outfits of Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura. As you can see, Ahsoka’s premature Padawan outfit has gone bye-bye and she has a new one rolling onto her body. Larger lekku, a dark-red tunic, armbands covering nearly her entire arms resembling sleeves, thicker grey leggings, and taller red boots give off a little less revealing look. Certainly she has WAY more clothes than her first outfit, and she looks pretty happy about it, too. She even has a stash of two lightsabers! This is Ahsoka’s half-mature stage. Obviously she has a big hole in the back of her tunic and her chest, and many diamond-shaped holes on the sides of her leggings. Ahsoka has emerged as a Jedi Knight now. Actually, she’s the same rank as Anakin, her master, now!

This is a good picture of Ahsoka’s mature stage. Long lekku, two grey armor-like armbands, a navy colored tunic with a belt, black leggings with no holes, and greyish-silver boots complete Ahsoka’s Season 7 outfit. Leaving the Jedi Order and her masters was a big change, but the Ahsoka inside is still the same. Ahsoka is neither a Padawan or a Jedi Knight now. She’s on her own, and may be considered an ARC trooper by some, but it’s factually incorrect. She’s not a clone and she doesn’t have blasters. Also, it doesn’t feature this in the image, but Ahsoka Tano now has two blue-bladed lightsabers she uses to fight off her enemies. Even though she’s not a Jedi, bounty hunters and Sith are still after her. 

Ahsoka from Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka is finally in her truly mature stage. Her outfit is about the same as the mature stage, but now she has a breastplate, a longer tunic, longer armbands that are more like sleeves, gloves that are connected to the armbands, large and long lekku, and a skinny, grown-up face. You may have noticed that Ahsoka’s lightsabers have changed from green to blue to white now. It can be confusing to Star Wars fans, but whoever directed Star Wars Rebels wanted Ahsoka’s lightsabers to be different than anyone else’s because she left the Jedi Order but didn’t turn to the dark side. 

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