Ahsoka Tano’s Complete Wardrobe: This Can Help You With Your Costumes

Need ideas for Ahsoka costumes? Don’t remember what her outfits look like? Well, we’ll show you and you can follow the instructions for a homemade costume! This is the way…

AHSOKA PADAWAN OUTFIT: You can easily make this costume if you don’t mind not including her lekku (hair). Here’s how to make it: 

  • Old dark red shirt rolled up or long dark red cloth wrapped around chest 
  • Long-sleeved peach-colored shirt 
  • Grey belt 
  • Dark red skirt or skort
  • White leggings 
  • Dark red boots 
  • One green swim noodle (cut in half) 
  • Long red gloves 

AHSOKA’S JEDI KNIGHT OUTFIT: This is the outfit Ahsoka wears from seasons 3-5. Make this outfit with these everyday clothes: 

  • Women’s V-neck dark red tunic worn backwards
  • Simple grey belt with a center buckle (if you have red that would work better) 
  • Dark grey leggings 
  • Dark red boots 
  • Two green swim noodles (cut in half) 
  • Long red gloves 

AHSOKA’S SLAVE DRESS: This is the dress worn by Ahsoka in Season 4 episode Slaves of the Republic. This may be a little harder to recreate, but if you have a large and fancy clothing variety, it can’t be too complicated. 

  • Crop-top sky blue or turquoise sleeveless shirt 
  • Sky blue or turquoise skirt up to the knees
  • Gold boots 
  • Turquoise long cloth wrapped around the arms 

AHSOKA WINTER COAT: In the Season 4 episode A Friend in Need, Ahsoka travels with Lux Bonteri to a freezing planet infiltrated with the Death Watch. If you are a good seamstress and willing to give up a long brown parka, this outfit will be easy to make and easy to wear on chilly days. 

  • Long brown parka 
  • White faux fur for cuffs and hood 
  • Ordinary brown or black boots 

AHSOKA MECHANIC OUTFIT: After leaving the Jedi Order, her dark red colors are all gone and she has switched into a blue hue. It’s actually quite an easy DIY costume to create.

  • Jean shirt with a collar 
  • Brown belt 
  • Jeans 
  • Dark grey boots 

AHSOKA FINAL SEASON OUTFIT: Ahsoka’s last outfit is pretty easy to create. This is all you need:  

  • Dark blue tank top with white, silver, or gold patterns on it 
  • Dark blue skirt 
  • Black leggings 
  • Dark grey long cloth to wrap around both arms 
  • Black leggings 
  • Grey boots 
  • Two blue swim noodles (cut in half) 

Well, I hope you like the outfit descriptions of Ahsoka throughout the Clone Wars series. If you don’t know how to sew, it would be best to skip the Ahsoka Winter Outfit unless you have a brown parka already with white faux fur. Another way to make the Ahsoka armbands is to get some fabric from the fabric shop and wrap it around your arms, either using a band or clip to secure them. Lekku: you can easily buy an Ahsoka wig online and reuse it for every costume. 

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