Life Guidance: 7 Life Lessons to Learn from Bucky Barnes

Originally the Winter Soldier, it seems like there are no life lessons to learn from Bucky Barnes. But wait! After changing for the good in Infinity War and going onto The Falcon & the Winter Soldier as Bucky – himself, not an untamed Hydra soldier – he reminds us of many handy life lessons to use today. 

  1. Make Amends The Right Way 

The most common way to make amends is a simple “I’m sorry”, but Bucky learned an important lesson from Sam: the right way to do it is by being of service. Saying, “Hey, I’m sorry, can you forgive me now?” isn’t enough! Now are you ready for some “tough love”? 

  1. There’s Always a Chance to Be Good 

Bucky was the Winter Soldier. He did some pretty bad things and killed his future friend’s innocent son. What chance was there for him to turn good? Well, Bucky, there’s always a chance if there’s still time. When your life isn’t over, it isn’t impossible. And guess what? With enough time and some help from Wakanda, he actually did turn into a hero – an Avenger! 

  1. A Time to Heal, and a Time to Fight 

He’s basically been fighting all his life. Fighting in World War 2 alongside Steve Rogers and the Howling Commandos. Fighting for Hydra as the Winter Soldier. Fight after fight makes us seem like everything in life is about conflict and victory, but Bucky reminds us that this is untrue: his healing time in Wakanda shows us we need to set some time aside to heal and figure ourselves out instead of always getting in the gunners. 

  1. Choose Your Friends Wisely 

Bucky definitely chose good friends: Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are supportive people who won’t leave him alone just because of their own desires. His good choices remind us that we too should pick who we want to befriend wisely: if we don’t, they could betray you at any moment (just like Sharon Carter aka Power Broker could), allowing or even causing you to drop yourself into hot water. 

  1. Work Together 

Understandably, Bucky feels super guilty after following Hydra for so many years. He’s so depressed that he tries to avoid asking Steve Rogers for help, but every time he deliberately works alone so not to get involved with others, his plans end up backfiring. Other people are there for you, Bucky! When you have good friends (and family) willing to help you, don’t be afraid to work together with them and admit that you need help – not everything can be done all by yourself. 

  1. Humor Is a Good Thing 

Falcon & the Winter Soldier brought Bucky the time to lighten things up a bit instead of constantly blasting stuff with his guns (and his vibranium arm). Comments like, “Oh yeah, it’s a good app,” and, “Sorry, I was texting,” remind us that it isn’t bad at all to be funny around good friends. Even John Walker appreciated it! If you can get the U.S. Agent himself to enjoy your humor, then that’s a big deal. Thanks, Bucky, for making us laugh! 

  1. Take Care of Others 

Before Steve Rogers took the super-soldier serum, he was an underdog guy shipped as a soldier in WW2. But who was his caretaker? Of course, none other than Bucky Barnes! As his loyal lifelong friend, Bucky always looked out for Steve no matter what. It’s also what we should do to others: don’t let our friends down! There’s a reason why the saying “I’ve got your back” was created. 

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