7 Reasons Why Wanda Is More Powerful than Doctor Strange

More powerful than Doctor Strange himself? You’ve got to be kidding. Actually, we’re not: Agatha Harkness read straight from the Darkhold in WandaVision’s finale that the Scarlet Witch’s powers “exceed those of the Sorcerer Supreme”, so we have strong facts to back up this thesis. Still don’t believe us? Then here are 7 reasons why Wanda truly is more powerful than Doctor Strange, get ready! 

  1. Access to Astral Form While Awake 

A major advantage often overlooked by less scrupulous fans is that Wanda can access “astral form” when she’s awake. Why is this a big deal? Well, Strange could also access the same type of form – but only while he was sleeping. This means Wanda’s Scarlet Witch body is able to handle the large amount of energy it takes to get into “astral form” while managing her daily housework at the same time! 

  1. Reality Manipulation 

While Doctor Strange’s time manipulation is strikingly impressive (don’t we all wish we had his powers?), let me show you something even more formidable: Wanda’s reality-warping abilities! Being the Scarlet Witch from birth, she was able to change her reality as well as create new ones like the Hex in WandaVision. Creating a sitcom world and maintaining it for the run of an entire show is more outstanding than any of Strange’s feats in the MCU so far! 

  1. Spontaneous Creation 

While it’s not uncommon for MCU superheroes to possess powers virtually impossible in real life, Wanda has a big advantage over Doctor Strange: spontaneous creation. That’s right, she can create something out of nothing! And look what those somethings turned out to be: sweet, cute, and…superpowered Billy and Tommy. Don’t we all miss them…

  1. Displays Extreme Power Effortlessly (& Often Inadvertently)

Whenever Doctor Strange uses his powers, he’s using them on purpose and usually for good. However, when Wanda displays the full extent of her magic, she does it effortlessly and often inadvertently as she destroys Ultron’s army by her grief fueling bursts of Chaos Magic, changes the sitcom decades in WandaVision without even using any effort, and – this is the big one – creates the Hex accidentally. It’s just another reason why Wanda’s a very dangerous person to be around even though you may empathize with her. 

  1. Chaos Magic 

The thing that really, officially made Wanda into the Scarlet Witch was her unique ability to harness Chaos Magic, declared to her by centuries-old witch Agatha Harkness in WandaVision. This is why she was able to cause so much chaos when she knocked down a building in Lagos (Civil War), drive Ultron mad when she destroyed 95% of his army (Age of Ultron), and ultimately cause chaos among the Westview residents (WandaVision). Wanda’s unique type of magic makes her a powerful enemy against Doctor Strange (or a powerful ally!). 

  1. Powers from Birth Amplified by the Mind Stone 

Before his training with the Ancient One, Stephen Strange was a normal NYC surgeon. Then his life was changed when he found himself suffering horribly from a car accident as his fingers were incapacitated, and that’s when he got his time-warping powers: from the Time Stone. 

On the other hand, Wanda was innately the Scarlet Witch from birth. So what about the Infinity Stone connection? Well, when she already had her hex powers, they were amplified by exposure to the Mind Stone, giving her telepathy and telekinesis on top of her original abilities – Wanda is more powerful than Strange! 

  1. Could Have Killed Thanos on Her Own 

This is the big, BIG lead Wanda has held over Doctor Strange since Endgame: she is able to overpower Thanos on her own and could kill him if she summoned all of her energy. Driven by her extreme grief and rage combined over Vision’s death, she really took it out on the Mad Titan as she made him call his ships to focus solely on her. That’s how powerful Wanda really is! Still, she has an untapped potential yet to be explored in future MCU films – we’re hungry for more Wanda Maximoff content, Kevin Feige! (At least Doctor Strange 2 is coming.) 

However, in contrast, Doctor Strange was the opposite: he was nearly defeated by Thanos in Infinity War when working with Tony Stark and Spider-Man. As Thanos choked him, he needed the help of his friends to get free and survive the harsh battle. Wanda didn’t need any help – she could have killed Thanos on her own (confirmed in WandaVision by Monica Rambeau)!

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