WandaVision: All Theme Songs Ranked

Looking for a super catchy tune from a TV show? Immediate answer: basically any intro song from WandaVision! Handmade by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, seven special theme songs were written, one for each sitcom decade. Here are all of them here…ranked! 

7. WV-2000

A great tune, but not catchy enough without any lyrics. Episode 7’s intro theme song replaced the word “happy” with “Wanda” all over the place (including a menacing message saying “I know what u are doing Wanda”) to copy Happy Endings and Modern Family. Was it bad, though? Not at all! The Lopezes still excelled in this song even though it couldn’t exactly compare to the others. 

6. Let’s Keep It Going

“Let’s Keep It Going” was very brash, punk-rock, and mimicking the ‘90s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle: with its “freeze-frames” for gag reels, each of the Maximoffs are spotted getting ready for Halloween while the cameraman, Tommy, races around the house to give us a tour. Great? I wouldn’t say so, but it was perfect for the era! 

5. Making It Up as We Go Along

In very ‘80s fashion, “Making It Up as We Go Along” had the traditional piano tune and guitar strums to give off a Family Ties/Growing Pains/Full House feel. Even the paintbrush and font used for the WandaVision title imitated these popular 1980s sitcoms! While the intro’s style was great, the song didn’t have enough cheery vibes and catchiness to kick off the episode, but it was nevertheless emphasizing Wanda and Vision’s love for each other through all difficulties. 

4. A Newlywed Couple

WandaVision episode 1 introduced the show in a great way with a ‘50s-esque theme song properly titled “A Newlywed Couple”, obviously referring to Wanda and Vision being happily married and moving into their new Westview home. Interested in more? Listen closely to the first few notes: they follow the same pattern as… the Dick van Dyke Show theme! Isn’t that a great little Easter egg to insert there. 

3. WandaVision!

One of the catchiest tunes was the song with the least lyrics, “WandaVision!”. It would be the base jingle of the rest of the intro song, so without Episode 2’s Bewitched-inspired theme, the others would be losing their constant underlying melody. Hats off once again to you, Lopez couple! (Fun fact: before “Agatha All Along”, “WandaVision!” was deemed the most unforgettable WandaVision theme song!) 

2. We Got Something Cooking

Episode 3 was all vivid technicolor and good vibes (except for Monica getting blasted out of the Hex, of course) including its happy theme song, “We Got Something Cooking”. Drumbeats in perfect rhythm on top of synced singing made this tune especially memorable – the 1970s have got to be my favorite WandaVision decade! 

  1. Agatha All Along

Who takes home the trophy of Catchiest WandaVision Song? It’s been “Agatha All Along”! This one was super obvious. I mean, evidently obvious, right? If getting ranked #1 on iTunes wasn’t enough to convince you, then you have to believe the fact that social media exploded with memes, jokes, comments, etc. over the nosy neighbor’s villainous medley. Agatha definitely stole the stage for this one!

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