WandaVision: 6 Things That Make No Sense About the Show

Not everything is rainbows and sun in the fans’ minds as we’re still mulling over many unanswered questions. In spite of the many reveals WandaVision had to bring, such as Agnes being the powerful witch Agatha Harkness and fake Pietro secretly her husband Ralph, the show has left 6 (or more) things that make no sense – here they are! 

  1. Did Agatha Really Mess Everything Up? 

Look, “Agatha All Along” may have a flawed lyric. The first words we hear are, “Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along!” But did insidious witch Agatha really pull every evil string and ruin everything? Besides killing Sparky and sucking Wanda’s powers in the finale, it was really Wanda all along: she created the Hex, mind-controlled & trapped the Westview residents, and censored what got to be on her sitcom. 

  1. Why Wasn’t the S.W.O.R.D. Circus Frozen? 

At the end of WandaVision episode 6, the majority of S.W.O.R.D. agents were enveloped in the expanded Hex. But why weren’t they frozen in place? After all, they were also right next to the boundary just like those other neighbors earlier in ep. 6, so it doesn’t really make sense why the circus was able to move around freely while the other people couldn’t. This is one of the many lingering WandaVision inquiries that will probably never get answered…

  1. Where Did Agatha’s Basement Come From? 

Another WandaVision mystery was the origin of Agatha’s rune-covered basement. Since it was revealed that the house actually belonged to Ralph Bohner, where could it have come from? Ralph’s definitely not engaged in any type of magic nor is he anyone particularly special (not even X-Men’s Quicksilver) with a superhero identity. The only way possible for Agatha to actually create something this witchy so fast: use something fast – her husband’s new super speed! 

  1. Where Were the Children? 

In episode 2, how can Dottie recite “for the children” if there aren’t any children around to do the talent show for? Vision finally points out this disturbing fact – the lack of kids in Westview except for Billy and Tommy – and suddenly youngsters of all ages swarm the city on Halloween. Where were the children hiding all this time? Don’t say Mephisto…

  1. How Does Vision Get His Memories Back? 

Wanda basically spontaneously created a brand-new version of Vision that only knew life in Westview without any remembrance of his superhero past. He even asks Agnes genuinely in episode 6, “What is an Avenger?” He doesn’t even know what he is even to the final moments of the finale! (He asked Wanda, “What am I?”, if you forgot.) This makes it even more confusing how he can transfer all of his memories to White Vision if he didn’t have any to begin with. 

  1. What’s Going On with Eastview? 

In episode 4, the story switches to S.W.O.R.D. ‘s investigation of the Westview anomaly. As Monica and Jimmy Woo talk outside the barrier, the… Eastview cops arrive? (Wait, is there a Northview and Southview now? We’ve got the East and West already..) Anyways, the Eastview people oddly can’t see the Hex at all! This mystery was not only unanswered, but also never brought up again in WandaVision.

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