All of Wanda Maximoff’s Hairstyles, Ranked

Anybody love WandaVision? (I know most of you have obvious yesses.) And did anybody love the hairstyles? We did: that’s why we decided to make the ultimate ranking of all of Wanda Maximoff’s ‘dos! If you didn’t understand that, this is essentially just a culmination and list of all of the Scarlet Witch’s best looks. 

9. ’80s Hair

First thing…did sitcom people in the ’80s even care about the practicality of their hairstyles? Wanda’s 80s hair was waay too poofy that even bending down could cause the whole thing to flop onto her face. Good thing Wanda decided to change it a bit in the second half of the episode. 

Consensus: Totally not practical. Might be fitting in with the decade’s traditional style, but try something a little…flatter. 

8. Messy Staycation Hair

Wanda’s “quarantine staycation” hair wasn’t exactly nice-looking. It’s kind of the style we’ve had for the whole quarantine, messy with strands of hair sticking out from a relaxed ponytail. However, it’s practical – much more practical than the gigantic ’80s look – just not for any occasions outside of home. 

Consensus: The look perfectly suits and tells her story of her “staycation”. However, it’s messy and casual, not for outdoor activities when other people are around. 

7. ’60s Hair 

If anybody looks back at ’60s hair nowadays, it’s very old-school and not good looking to modern designers. Yes, the outfits were actually pretty cute (were cropped cardigans always the style back then?), but the hair…eh. Wanda’s curls pushed out to the bottom don’t even last that long: by the end of the episode, the perfect little springs are nearly straightened out and ready for the ’70s. 

Consensus: If I was writing during that era, I would have given the ’60s hair a higher ranking. But considering this is so many years past now, they have become quite outdated and meh-ish. Even the curls couldn’t last that long! This is quite surprising since the ’50s style, even curlier, lasted the entire episode without straightening out much. 

6. Scarlet Witch Hair 

Sorry, the outfit was awesome, but the hair was not the most stunning. It’s messy with the sides very frizzy. But wait.. the Scarlet Witch headdress – that’s a big point to add here! I couldn’t give this hairstyle too low of a ranking.. 

Consensus: The hairstyle goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit, especially with the crown thing she now wears. However, the hair has loose strands everywhere that are untamed just Wanda’s powers, more like an untidy bedhead look for a naturally curly-haired person. 

Please don’t get offended, Wanda, don’t make another Hex..! 

5. Halloween Hair

What kept the hair so perfectly curled for the entire episode?! Is it some magical hairspray or something? Anyway, Wanda’s Halloween hair (and costume overall) were an obvious effort to fit into the ordinary Westview neighborhood. She even did some sort of plastering to the sides to look agreeable! It definitely earns its place in the top 5 but is held firmly in its position – nope, no higher. 

Consensus: Wanda’s Halloween hair was beautiful but looked very fake. No way was this natural.. All the heavy perming gave us the feel of “hey I don’t feel comfortable wearing spandex in the middle of town square, I need to make my hair look good to make up for it!”

4. Beach Waves

Before WandaVision, Wanda always sported the same hairstyle: beach waves. But this doesn’t mean they were bland or boring at all! In fact, the red curls were quite elegant and flowy even through all the fierce battles she fights. And luckily, Endgame wasn’t the last beach wave moment: in WandaVision episode 8, a flashback of her creation of the Hex portrayed her once again with the lovely hair – and a cute, modernized outfit! 

Consensus: Wanda’s beach waves are gorgeous. They shape her face, fit her usual outfits (long jacket, low-necked shirt, and boots), and are still something people look good in today. 

3. ’70s Hair

Straight hair fans are going to love this one. In WandaVision ep. 3, Wanda’s ’50s and ’60s curls are completely gone, replaced by smooth, straight, sleek, and long hair! Like really, really long. On top of all of the vibrant outfits she wears here, the ’70s have officially arrived in perfect, un-knotted hair. ( does her hair stay so perfect after getting blown by a strong wind, soaked in water, and giving birth?! Now that’s shocking. Real people always get tangles in their straight hair.) 

Bonus points to the darling pigtails in the intro.. honestly, Wanda has some serious taste! 

Consensus: Wanda’s ’70s hair is beautiful. It perfectly fits her face and basically her whole body (considering its length). However, how so perfect? Is it Wanda using her magic to constantly untie every single knot? In my opinion, straight hair is actually pretty great if it stayed smooth.. and Wanda already has that perfected. How could it be true.

2. Early ’90s Hair

Oh. Wow. Wanda really did this one so nicely. 

People who totally wish to have curly hair, including me, look up to the early ’90s look: not only are the suspenders and plaid T-shirt adorable, the retro curls are natural-looking and stylish. Also, they’re puffy at a good size (unlike the ’80s). 

Consensus: The hair was cute and fit the era well. Wanda got this one right on the spot! The marvelous volume of the ‘do was so ’90s with a touch of late ’80s mixed in. This makes us wonder…does Wanda have naturally curly hair, or did she just adjust it for the sitcom? The frizzles look so realistic that it’s hard to tell if it’s a wig (or if Wanda’s beach waves were only the result of some light straightening)! 

1. ’50s Hair

Undoubtedly, Wanda’s ’50s look was nothing but glam! WandaVision’s first episode kicked off the series with beautiful perky curls that were only a smidge above her shoulders. It also lasted a long time: through a stressful dinner preparation, sleeping in a boudoir nightgown, and even getting dropped on the front porch during the intro! Too bad nobody’s interested in bringing back this cute style.. 

Consensus: The ’50s hairstyle definitely deserved first place. True, the super-straight ’70s locks were very glossy and the ’90s curls were quite appealing, but nothing could beat what the show began with. Episode 1’s hair and makeup designers, good work – you earned it!

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