Life Guidance: 7 Life Lessons to Learn from Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson aka the Falcon has starred in the new series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, destined to become the first Black Captain America, but what important lessons can we learn from him? In another Life Guidance article, we will list 7 life lessons to be learned from friendly Sam. 

  1. Don’t Give Away Valuable Things 

One of the life lessons we can learn from Sam Wilson is from one of his mistakes: giving away Captain America’s shield. This helps us to further realize that we shouldn’t give away valuable things! Look what happened afterwards: John Walker got the shield and became the worst Cap ever. That definitely wasn’t good… 

  1. Good Friends Can Cheer You Up

Despite Bucky and Sam not exactly getting along from the very beginning, they did develop a good relationship by Episode 5 (and more we hope will be coming in this week’s finale!). When Sam was feeling down about his family boat having to be sold, Bucky came back to help! See, good friends can really make you feel better. 

  1. Dedicate Time to Your Family 

Sam Wilson has a sister? Yes, he has a sister, and more – two nephews. In The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, he finally dedicates enough time to them by doing everything he can to fix the boat and organize the messy situation between Sarah (his sister) and the local bank. In this, Sam reminds us that we shouldn’t be so busy that we forget about family, but instead making sure to be spending enough time with them! 

  1. Arguments Don’t Get You Anywhere 

Like we said, Sam and Bucky weren’t precisely BFFs at the start of the show. They end up in a little detention cell, tell each other why they hate each other before trying to part ways, but nothing positive is the outcome of disagreements. Constant arguments between the two separated them, stopping them from settling their differences and working together to save the world. There’s a reason why the Avengers assemble

  1. Good Friends Are Always There for You 

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson were best friends and built trust immediately. Becoming allies in the Avengers very quickly, Sam always stayed by Steve’s side to help him in being Captain America, never letting him down. Good friends are always there for others! Yes, even during a jog around the park. And yes, even when there’s conflict around you. 

  1. Be Skilled In Multiple Areas 

Taking on many jobs during his life, Sam showed that you have to be skilled in multiple areas to be successful. Originally he was a member of the U.S. Army stationed in Afghanistan – but then his life changed when he became…an Avenger! No matter the problem, he had the skill set to solve it. 

  1. Material Things Don’t Last Forever 

The destruction of Falcon’s wings showed us that material things never last forever – a fact we have to remember for life. No matter how strong they are or the metal they’re made out of, they will always get broken somehow just like the wings!

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