Wanda vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win?

After WandaVision, fans began to debate over a reasonable question: who’s more powerful: Captain Marvel or Wanda Maximoff? Today, we’re going to answer that for you by giving each of them five advantages, then comes the final decision! 

  1. Wanda Would Win: Created Her Own Reality 

Unlike anything Captain Marvel has done, Wanda, fully strengthened by her grief over Vision disassembled at S.W.O.R.D., inadvertently unleashes waves of her Chaos Magic to create the Hex and transform modern Westview into a sitcom. She basically made her very own reality (and Vision and Billy and Tommy, the whole spontaneous creation thing) without even trying! 

  1. Captain Marvel Would Win: Powers from the Tesseract 

Carol Danvers was working with the Kree at the beginning, but then she became “Captain Marvel” when she received powers from the Tesseract. Since the Space Stone is officially named the strongest Infinity Stone there is, Captain Marvel has this to her advantage as she can fly in space without an astronaut suit, contain the powers of a star, and manipulate the cosmos. Wanda can’t do any of that as she is still fully human without any blue blood! 

  1. Wanda Would Win: Powers from the Mind Stone 

Wanda was the only Hydra test subject that survived the Mind Stone experiments. Being this strong to be able to live through the experience and gain powers from the Infinity Stone itself is a big deal: even though the Space Stone is deemed the most powerful Stone, the Mind Stone contains telepathic abilities as well as mind control. Really, Wanda could just walk up to Captain Marvel and start showing her haunting illusions as distractions! 

  1. Captain Marvel Would Win: Able To Destroy Ships With One Blow 

Since Cap. Marvel is essentially a star – a big ball of energy filled with heat and light – that makes her able to ram herself into ships to destroy them without getting a single scratch. Yes, Wanda can fly, but can she destroy ships by flying into them? Probably not. If she tried, it would most likely end up in a terrible concussion that could even kill her. The Scarlet Witch is smarter than that! 

  1. Wanda Would Win: Engaged In Magic 

WandaVision’s episode 8 and finale revealed that Wanda was really the Scarlet Witch, a being capable of spontaneous creation and apparently destined to destroy the world (I know you won’t do it, Wanda!), so this is an advantage she has over Carol Danvers. She sometimes even accidentally performs hex magic on things (such as the probability hex she used to stop the bomb from going off when she was a child) without even knowing it! So, if she doesn’t want Captain Marvel to do something, she could always warp reality and voila – everything’s how she wants it once again. 

  1. Captain Marvel Would Win: Took A Hit From An Infinity Stone Without Getting Hurt 

In Endgame, Carol Danvers displayed her full power for the first time so far: she went one-on-one with Thanos, took a hit from the Power Stone without getting hurt at all, and pulled his fingers apart from each other as he was about to snap. Furthermore, she yanked off his gauntlet, starting a big toss game between all the Avengers! That sounds fun.. 

  1. Wanda Would Win: Able To Kill Thanos 

Wanda was the only one who could have nearly killed Thanos in Endgame as she was fueled with her extreme grief over Vision’s death. Even with his gauntlet, the Scarlet Witch levitated giant hunks of metal and threw them at him with full force and he tried to…shield himself? This is the first time I’ve seen Thanos scared of someone! But, you know what else Wanda could do to the Mad Titan? She could tap him into a spell (just like she did with Agatha to brainwash her into Agnes), turning him into a little purple grape or something. And he would sit there helpless…

  1. Captain Marvel Would Win: Can Blast People To Other Planets 

Just like she did in her solo film Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers showed her fierce ability to blast people all the way to distant planets effortlessly, dubbed her “Binary form” in the comics. That’s a long way to…well, wherever Yon-Rogg got sent to… It’s hard to imagine where he ends up now. And, she could always do the same thing to Wanda if it was too hard to battle her.. 

  1. Wanda Would Win: Emotions Strengthen Her 

Carol Danvers’ powers don’t ramp up suddenly like Wanda’s do when she’s so overcome with grief over the many tragedies in her life. Since Wanda is such a caring person who’s emotionally tied to those who she’s bonded with over the years, she can’t handle the distress she feels when they, unfortunately, die. Don’t get her sad (or mad): it’ll spark her Chaos Magic to get up and running at full speed ahead! 

  1.  Captain Marvel Would Win: Isn’t Fully Human 

The only disadvantage Wanda really has is that she’s fully human, a normal person with scarlet energy and witch abilities from birth and the Mind Stone. If she is attacked, she doesn’t have anything other than the force fields surrounding her hands to protect herself, since she doesn’t have any foreign bloodline that could give her extraterrestrial strengths.

However, Captain Marvel is the opposite: as an adopted part of the Kree, she had blue blood, a bit of superhuman strength added to her body, and special training from Yon-Rogg (yes, the guy who she blasted to another planet) gave her unique advantages in battle she could use against Wanda. Basically, if the Scarlet Witch is caught off-guard, someone could punch her to the ground, knock her unconscious, giving them an easy victory. Luckily Wanda does have telekinesis to sense who’s behind her – a great trait that helps her during a surprise attack! 

The Final Decision (dun dun dun…) 

So we have made our decision! The stronger one out of the two is Wanda aka Scarlet Witch even though it is a close race between her and Captain Marvel. And honestly, they have a few things in common: they both have amplified their powers by accident with one of the Infinity Stones, they both have the ability to fly, and they both have some sort of cosmic energy force fields coming out of their hands. And they’re both strong MCU women who have untapped potentials still unexplored by existing movies (or TV shows like WandaVision). 

Wanda wins this one because of her reality-warping powers. Reality is basically the groundwork for battles and everything in the MCU – depending on which universe, or reality you’re in, things change. So, since Wanda has these significant abilities on top of being able to change people by brainwashing them (take the Agnes example again), she could easily defeat Captain Marvel as she did Vision in Civil War and Ultron in Age of Ultron.

Congrats, Scarlet Witch, on this one! You earned it.

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