10 Delicious BOTW Recipes To Cook In Real Life

Become a master chef!

Okay, we understand. Real cooking isn’t as easy as throwing ingredients into a pot and waiting for it to finish in a few seconds, or tossing a fairy into your food to make a nutritious meal. But that doesn’t mean Breath of the Wild fans can’t get their favorite in-game foods pulled into real-life! Here are 10 delicious BOTW recipes to cook in real life… and their in-game counterparts.

10. Salmon Meuniere

During the “Recital at Warbler’s Nest” shrine quest, you recruit four Rito girls, with one of them being the green-feathered Genli. This girl in particular has really good taste. Before she can practice her singing with her sisters, she requires you to cook her a Hearty Salmon Meuniere (you know, kids and their hunger). And guess what: it’s a real-life dish, too! You can have a Rito-themed meal with this French delicacy in your own house.

Real-Life Recipe: Salmon Meuniere – Allrecipes

BOTW Recipe: Hearty Salmon + Goat Butter + Tabantha Wheat

9. Wildberry Crepe

While this recipe isn’t required for any side quests, that doesn’t stop it from looking extremely appealing. Filled with these delightful little berries inside a soft outer shell, it’s even finished off with a few dollops of whipped cream here and there. Luckily, BOTW recipe fandom Sheikah Plate has found a way to bring this delicious dessert to real life. Strawberry crepes, here we come!

Real-Life Recipe: Wildberry Crepes – Sheikah Plate

BOTW Recipe: Wildberry + Tabantha Wheat + Cane Sugar + Fresh Milk + Bird Egg

8. Egg Pudding

BOTW’s food designers went for their native Asian culture with this tasty egg pudding, a custard that “melts in your mouth” because of its soft texture. Like its BOTW recipe, the pudding revolves around three key ingredients: sugar, eggs, and milk. Optional: Add a boba topping or caramel sauce to up its deliciousness!

Real-Life Recipe: Egg Custard – Allrecipes

BOTW Recipe: Bird Egg + Fresh Milk + Cane Sugar

7. Gourmet Meat and Rice Bowl

Fortunately, you don’t have to hunt down wild animals with your bow and arrow for this gourmet meat and rice bowl. Add the breath of the wild to tonight’s dinner plate, complete with an additional ginger sauce to spice up your meal! Trust me, the scent will hang around for a while. That’s when you know you’ve been pulling off a little Link in your kitchen, and you’re not ashamed at all.

Real-Life Recipe: Meat and Rice Bowl – Sheikah Plate

BOTW Recipe: Raw Gourmet Meat + Hylian Rice + Rock Salt

6. Creamy Heart Soup

This soup is easiest the most whimsical recipes on this list because, well, it’s not a normal recipe. It looks more like a Valentine’s porridge for Goldilocks than anything else at first glance, and I don’t blame you. In fact, it’s so out-of-this-world that you have to turn it into a fruit puree to make it actually work. But once you get all the ingredients together, this fruit “soup” isn’t too hard to make, so give this a try and embrace your experimental side!

Real-Life Recipe: Creamy Heart Soup – Sheikah Plate

BOTW Recipe: Hydromelon + Voltfruit + Any size of Hearty Radish + Fresh Milk

5. Fragrant Mushroom Saute

This Fragrant Mushroom Saute is all for you, mushroom lovers. The word “fragrant” isn’t there for nothing: these unique mushrooms will really spice up the aroma of your house. There is something about this recipe that tells me that a wild, earthen flavor dwells deep within this dish, unlike the others. Hey, listen — a must-have BOTW inspiration is sitting right in front of you! Add to stews, soups, and rice dishes for best results.

Real-Life Recipe: Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic – Spend with Pennies

BOTW Recipe: Hylian Shroom + Goron Spice

4. Vegetable Omelet

This delicious omelet, stuffed with veggies, is a healthy way to start off your day with some Hylian vibes. Fortunately, unlike the creamy heart soup only a few numbers down the list, this recipe is very conceivable in real life — in fact, you may have already brought BOTW to your house without even knowing it!

Real-Life Recipe: Yummy Veggie Omelet – Allrecipes

BOTW Recipe: Hyrule Herb + Bird Egg + Goat Butter + Rock Salt

3. Seafood Rice Balls

In Japan, they call these onigiri. They are basically rice grains stuck to each other to form a ball, which people occasionally top with sauces or even seafood — like this BOTW recipe. Including this traditional snack is a nice callback to the BOTW developers’ home cuisine.

Real-Life Recipe: Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) – Just One Cookbook

BOTW Recipe: Hyrule Bass or Sanke Carp + Hylian Rice

2. Meat Pie

Like its BOTW counterpart, this French meat pie is stuffed with minced meat. You can either eat it by itself or with a gravy sauce, but it’ll still bring the “Master Chef Link” vibes back home! In BOTW, you can also up your result by adding special effect ingredients.

Real-Life Recipe: Meat Pie – Allrecipes

BOTW Recipe: Any meat or poultry + Tabantha Wheat + Goat Butter + Rock Salt

1. Seafood Paella

This fancy seafood mix takes the number one spot on this list, being a favorite of Spaniards and Hylians alike. Ingredients for this delicious dish are needed in the Lurelin Village sidequest “What’s For Dinner?”, giving Link a taste of the meal you’ll want to cook for yourself in the future, too. What’s even better is that paella doesn’t require any complex ingredients. Simple staples like rice, vegetables, and chicken are the foundation for this winning dish. So stop dilly-dallying and bring the Necluda Sea’s most precious recipe to your kitchen, right here, right now!

Real Recipe: Spanish Paella – Tastes Better from Scratch

BOTW Recipe: Armored or Mighty Porgy + Hearty Blueshell Snail + Hylian Rice + Goat Butter + Rock Salt

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