The Secret BOTW DLC Amiibo Detail No One Noticed

Now this is getting uncanny…

Shortly before the release of Breath of the Wild‘s “Champions’ Ballad” DLC, Nintendo also released four amiibo figures celebrating Hyrule’s four Champions. Players could scan these detailed statues with their Nintendo Switches to drop exclusive items into the game, like other similar Nintendo amiibos. Not only that, but they also feature each Champion in a pose that directly reflects their personality in-game. Little did we know that these poses hide one of the most secretive and well-hidden Zelda easter eggs so far.

Each of the Champions strikes their respective DLC amiibo pose once in their “Champions’ Ballad” memory. This same pose is also reused in the official artwork of each Champion. Urbosa’s is the most obvious out of all four of them, but if you look closely, you’ll realize that these amiibos are directly linked (pun intended) to the “Champions’ Ballad.” Here’s how to spot each unique pose and the uncanny similarities.

Mipha’s Song

Left: Mipha’s Song, center: Mipha amiibo, right: Mipha official art

You can spot Mipha’s amiibo pose in the middle of the “EX Mipha’s Song” memory. Right before she jumps off of the waterfall, she stands in the same gentle pose she sports in her amiibo statue. Nintendo even made this complete with her trident’s exact position and her sweet face looking over her shoulder. Her legs are also positioned perfectly in similarity to her amiibo and painting.

Daruk’s Song

Left: Daruk’s Song, center: Daruk amiibo, right: Daruk official art

You can spot Daruk’s amiibo pose towards the end of the “EX Daruk’s Song” memory. Right after he swings the Bokoblins off of Death Mountain, he slings his Boulder Breaker over his shoulder and laughs in courage. His facial expression may be slightly off compared to his amiibo, unlike the other Champions, but it’s a minor detail that the rest of his stance overwhelms.

Urbosa’s Song

Left: Urbosa’s Song, center: Urbosa amiibo, right: Urbosa official art

This pose is the easiest to identify, as it is not an ordinary pose that she would normally strike. You can spot it towards the end of the “EX Urbosa’s Song” memory. After she zaps the Yiga Footsoldiers and commands them to leave, she stands with her legs apart, her Daybreaker shield on her back, and her Scimitar of the Seven in her hand. This pose is also one of the closest to the amiibo figure, with her over-the-shoulder glare and exact body positioning copied nearly identically.

Revali’s Song

Left: Revali’s Song, center: Revali amiibo, right: Revali official art

You can spot this pose at the very end of the “EX Revali’s Song” memory. After Revali finishes talking about how he should be the chosen hero rather than Link, he looks down at Zelda from his perch with his Great Eagle Bow in hand. He is in this exact same pose in his amiibo. However, the only difference is that his head position and facial expression are slightly different, but it is not that obvious.

The Champions and Their Focus in the DLC

As the name should already tell you, the “Champions’ Ballad” DLC centers around the Champions and their further depth as characters. This is why their amiibo poses, released around the same time as the DLC, are in their respective memories. Remember that each of these “song” quests contribute to the final trial, which has the title of “The Champions’ Ballad.” The poses in each of the “song” quests also do the same, but for the “Champions’ Ballad” amiibo figures instead.

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