Which BOTW Character Are You Based on Your Celtic Zodiac?

Are you more of a Link… or a Zelda?

The Celtic zodiac may not be as commonly known as the Chinese or Western zodiacs, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! It uses animals to determine personality types, and those personality types can align not only with you, but also with Breath of the Wild‘s beloved characters. Here’s which character you are based on each sign’s corresponding personality.

Stag (December 24 – January 20) : Impa

Stags are persistent and lively, just like the young Impa. She can get talkative in the middle of a tense fight, but she can still focus on using her unique Sheikah skills to best her enemies… and even get a tiny bit proud at times. Regardless of this, she is ready to tackle new challenges at all times, integrity being her hallmark. Even as her elderly version in BOTW, she was still hard-working as her age didn’t stop her from helping Link save Hyrule.

Cat (January 21 – February 17) : Purah

Click snap! The cunning, quick-witted, imaginative Purah is a definite Cat at heart. Always observing, Purah makes a great scientist while she is still kind and good-willed. She’s also unconventional, which makes her Breath of the Wild‘s lovable eccentric genius, and is always ready to present new perspectives on a topic or project. No one’s as perky as a little girl as this Sheikah is.

Snake (February 18 – March 17) : Princess Zelda

Everyone knows a Snake when they see one: a cool exterior, strong-willed, and curious. Princess Zelda fits this zodiac sign well. She is, for the most of the time, calm, kind, and reserved, but can also be uncooperative if people push too hard on her. The lively and strong-willed part may not show itself often, but it certainly does when the princess tried forcing Link to eat a live hot-footed frog. And her curiosity pops out when she’s passionately studying, always desiring to learn more about the world around her. BOTW’s Zelda remains an avid learner and a fun companion to have around.

Fox (March 18 – April 14) : Riju

Like the Fox, Riju is clever, cunning, and has a radiant intelligence that shines through everything she does. She was the first to recognize Link was a man under the Gerudo female outfit while the rest of the town was fooled, and just like her ancestor Urbosa, she adds an unmistakable charm to every word.

She’s also the only Divine Beast quest-giver who is not elderly (King Dorephan, Elder Kaneli, and Boss Bludo are the others) and simultaneously fills the role of a “New Champion” at age 12 – no easy feat to pull off. Imagine being led by a teenager to assault a giant walking camel machine that can shoot one-hit-kill lasers at you any moment. You’d probably be pretty doubting at first, but the dauntless Riju pulled it off 100% successfully. All this cleverness doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart underneath it, though. Foxes’ tender sides don’t often show, since they’re too busy effortlessly solving puzzles.

Bull (April 15 – May 12) : Link

Bulls are strong, sure, loving, and stable in everything they do, and this description fits no one better than Zelda’s loyal knight, Link. He’s Zelda’s literal shoulder to cry on (see “Despair” memory). However, his silence makes his true feelings and motives hard to decipher at times. Some may misunderstand him as moody or whatever else they translate his muteness to, but he really is a faithful friend when you need him most.

Seahorse (May 13 – June 9) : Urbosa

The Seahorse, like the Fox, is notable for its cleverness, but with more aspects added: charisma, affection, and flexibility. This is Urbosa, the lovable Gerudo Champion who mothered Zelda after the Queen of Hyrule passed away. She can think of the most witty responses while reciprocating affection from the heart, loving others just as much as others love them. If you ever stumble upon a Seahorse, don’t let them go!

Wren (June 10 – July 7) : Sidon

Wrens stay cool under pressure, and they are always resourceful and ready to step up as leaders, just as Sidon does. He doesn’t panic as huge ice balls are flying at him; instead, he responds with boundless optimism and acts sanely out of a calm mind. He also has a strong sense of moral integrity. He knows right from wrong, standing up boldly for Link when Muzu stubbornly refused to believe the knight was only there to help.

Horse (July 8 – August 4) : Revali

Horses are exuberant, powerful, and naturally competitive, all traits Revali bears proudly. They’re also extremely talented and are filled with confidence at all times. He’s never one to back down from adversity, as he is headstrong and courageous when danger arrives. The outside looks also matter a lot to Horses. They are charming and love carrying themselves with pride, style, and authority – don’t be surprised if you see one happily making a grand appearance.

Revali is also a Horse since he feels the reasonable need to be recognized and appreciated for his contributions (huge ones, in his perspective). It’s also clear that he hates being a sidekick more than anything else, but he gets along slightly better once Zelda sets her eyes upon his masterpieces.

Salmon (August 5 – September 1) : Mipha

No, it’s not just because she’s a fish. Salmon are dreamy, intelligent, deep, and inspiring. While she is an ever-inspiring leader who deeply affected all of her people with her effortless kindness and gracefulness, she dives into the deepest waters to find the answers to her heart’s questions, oftentimes causing her to be more of an introvert than she thinks. Her dreamy side emerges when she talks about how cute Vah Ruta and Link were in her diary. Mipha also proved to be perceptive like a Salmon when she was the first to recognize Link’s stress. She doesn’t make a big deal out of her skills and intuition like Revali does, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them.

Swan (September 2 – September 29) : King Rhoam

King Rhoam may not seem like a graceful Swan, but he is noble, exacting, and cool-headed just like one. He has discriminating tastes and will make things turn out the way he wants them to one way or another. Even to his own daughter, Zelda, he acts extremely demanding and purposely desires to fulfill the role of a refined king rather than give into the intimacy of a father. His ideas of how Hyrule should be defended against Calamity Ganon are specific, to say the least, and he will react negatively when one disagrees with him.

Butterfly (September 30 – October 27) : Beedle

On top of being as colorful and vibrant as a butterfly, Beedle is social just like the insect’s zodiac sign. He loves chatting with others in his naturally happy-go-lucky nature. Brightening up every rainy day with his smile and optimism (oh, and his special “rainy day” deals), the traveling merchant is an easy friend who comforts others with his contagious happiness.

Wolf (October 28 – November 24) : Daruk

Wolves are fearless, heroic, and will never back down, just like the almighty Daruk. He amazes others with his inner strength and refusal to give up. Even in the heat of battle, he will always have the energy to keep going and will forever stand on your side, as long as you support him, too. Daruk also clearly knows his purpose in the world: his rock is his home and his family, and he recognizes his ultimate job is to protect them and Hyrule at all costs.

Hawk (November 25 – December 23) : Kass

Hawks, like Stags, are diligent and will go after what they are passionate about with powerful force. This closely resembles Kass, the wandering Rito bard who has dedicated his life to studying ancient shrine songs. He clearly loves what he does and will stop at nothing to do it. Hawks also care deeply about wisdom, like Kass does, and will share that wisdom with others at every chance.

Personality type source: What’sYourSign.com

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